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Sonoff touch!

Hello everyone,

I am with a problem, here in my city, our energy is 110v, it´s one phase and one neutral. My sonoof touch has 3 socket, Lin,Lout an Nin.

How can I solve this?

I only have two cabes 1 phase and 1 neutral, I tried put phase into the Lin and neutral in Nin, but it's wasn't working. I tried jump Nin with Lout but the ligth turn on for a seccond and turn off in the sequence.

Anybody may help me?

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off course. my english is bad :-) ground is neutral. In fact, I have 3 cables now and is ok for sonoff touch.

I hope you get the neutral from the same circuit as the light. Not from the nearest neutral. Please don't get me wrong. Mains voltage is dangerous....... This problem is inherent to alnost all control systems. Controller needs power power is live and neutral. I had many of the same problems when i installed x10 years ago. (Lol one one remember s X10?)

yes, it is same circuit.