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Sonoff touch!

Hello everyone,

I am with a problem, here in my city, our energy is 110v, it´s one phase and one neutral. My sonoof touch has 3 socket, Lin,Lout an Nin.

How can I solve this?

I only have two cabes 1 phase and 1 neutral, I tried put phase into the Lin and neutral in Nin, but it's wasn't working. I tried jump Nin with Lout but the ligth turn on for a seccond and turn off in the sequence.

Anybody may help me?

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you also can buy a car without having a driving licence ... indeed funny when you like to drive without such ...

So your ebay seller did not provide you with such?

I actually don't find it very funny at all.  110V/220V can kill.

But you don't think enough to look at the documentation

and that is extremely concerning ... I don't think anyone

should get killed over a switch 

So again -- ask a professional certified electrician to do for you

 - as such they have the knowledge to do without harm.

Should you refuse - I may need to remove your question

for your own safety

Yes I can :-) 

But when someone ask on forum, so normaly is write answer if you know. 

If I had documentation, so I didnt ask on this forum.

no, only when the question make sense and the one who ask wont harm himself ...

220V will definitely harm ... and when you must ask, you definitely don't have the knowledge to deal with ...

Only answer if no harm becomes of answer

Just like driving --green means only proceed when it is safe to do so.

Do you drive in front of and under a fire truck only because light was green?

 - only when it is safe to proceed to you drive out.

Look, for the final time - such higher voltage can kill you

 - get the help from the professional, save your family undue grief.

Thank you for your answers. Have nice day.

@nulda You said you have two wires, were did you get ground from?


An "I didn't know" will not be of much comfort when

  - someone gets injured or damage to property occurs.

It is your duty to know in advance of any installation

 - and if you do not know, it is within your ability and duty to delegate

But such ignorance will cause someone to be hurt.

 - surely no reasonable person could possibly desire that.

Copy paste the above because it is important.


I dont work for Itead or affiliated with them.

If you are asking the above question, i strongly suggest NOT to install or modify the unit.

this will be dangerous to you, your family, or the property. 

110VAC or 220VAC is not a joke, it can kill your or harm you badly.


you have to understand, what you can do, to save your life, in a situation (if you feel like MacGyver) is very different then, what you can do, for an electrical installation for your property. Even if you dont care about local regulations.


I am sorry, This is NOT the answer you want to hear.

If you choose to use earth instead of natural, in theory it should wok.
In theory again the natural line is a big earth somewhere else. we stand on it.
I am sure you can read about the atomic reaction in theory but you dont try it at your home.

In reality it will trip any RCCBs or similar leak detect circuits, Disabling any of these CAN KILL you easily.


In reality this will violate any local building, electrical code, in any country that I know. 








I added one cable wire to wall. Flat is under reconstruction. Without ground, wall switch is not functional.

here is my two cents,

If you have two wires it is very likely that one is Live and other one is going to the light. (switched circuit)

your wiring regulations do not require neutral to run parallel with live.

to use this switch you must have 3 wires. or get natural from somewhere near by. (this would probably violate all known wiring codes, and will mess up with your RCCB

I would strongly suggest not to mess up with live 110~240V.


PLEASE read all the warnings above AGAIN.
this is NOT a joke.

Sorry, Ground is NOT a technical term in AC wiring, please seek professional assistance.

Neutral is what is needed, if you have used Earth this is a PROBLEM, 

switch may work, But this is dangerous. and your RCCB  will trip, for the right reasons. 

Please, Please read the warnings above,


off course. my english is bad :-) ground is neutral. In fact, I have 3 cables now and is ok for sonoff touch.

I hope you get the neutral from the same circuit as the light. Not from the nearest neutral. Please don't get me wrong. Mains voltage is dangerous....... This problem is inherent to alnost all control systems. Controller needs power power is live and neutral. I had many of the same problems when i installed x10 years ago. (Lol one one remember s X10?)

yes, it is same circuit.