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Sonoff touch!

Hello everyone,

I am with a problem, here in my city, our energy is 110v, it´s one phase and one neutral. My sonoof touch has 3 socket, Lin,Lout an Nin.

How can I solve this?

I only have two cabes 1 phase and 1 neutral, I tried put phase into the Lin and neutral in Nin, but it's wasn't working. I tried jump Nin with Lout but the ligth turn on for a seccond and turn off in the sequence.

Anybody may help me?

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Hahaha, At least for me I was working in an previous installation that hardly followed any electrician codes. I checked the wiring and the issue was that the old switch was cutting the neutral wire going back, so this can result in that behavior (as the neutral was hot) and the sudden spike when turned on coupled with no load down the line will trigger some kind of shortcut protection in the Sonoff Touch (either that or just a minishorcut), resetting the device as soon as it turns the lights on. With a common switch cutting the neutral works, but no more with a sophisticated device.

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Lin is Line

Lout is line to light

Nin is ground

I am alive and switch is functional :-D

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everybody without the right knowledge how to deal correctly and save with 110/220V should really stay away from such ...

110/220V is nothing to play with ... in worst case you damage your health, you damage the health of others ...

Every half baken knowledge about is dangerous ...


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For all the warnings already given

  I sense the Darwin Awards are soon to be handed out.

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Lin is live in and Nin is neutral in, the neutral wire should be pulled up to the lamp with the Lout wire.

Are you sure you know enough to fiddle with electricity without killing anyone?

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Hi, I have two cables too ( phase and neutral ). How can I install this wall switch?

I can try connect with phase, neutral and ground. Is it possible?


@nulda - if you must ask, you don't have the knowledge to do so.

Please get an electrician to do for you.

- such could save your life, and property.

The same here, do you guys figured it out?

I know, but I asked how to connect it. I switched off circuit in wall switch and then I connect wall switch.

So if you know how to connect it, write it please. 

Sorry ... when documentation is insufficient

  I refuse to contribute to your injury or your house burning down

Please have professional do

I'm also in the same boat. Only 2 wire connection to my existing toggle switch.

Any ideas will be welcomed....

Ok, thanks. Someone else who know how to connect it? 

you didn't read my comment in red above ...


So I spend my money for a wall switch, which sellers offer on ebay and etc. for everybody :-D and I cant ask how to connect on official websites... 

Every seller should provide manual how to connect it. Very funny.