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Auto Login for the APP

Hi @all,

most of the time my smartphone is offline. I only connect it to the internet, when I really need the online connection.

But every time I connect my phone to the i-net and want to use eWeLink I have to login again.

That's really a pain and very uncomfortable, especially when it is used in the car it's difficult to type in the password, also as a passenger. (My phone has a 4.5" display)

Please add a automatic login to the APP, then all problems will be solved.

For those who want to have the security feature of a re-login, the automatic login could be made selectable with a tick box.

Many thanks in advance



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Looks like there has been no change on this one... I am starting to get the shits with the constant login requests... and I am not even changing anything on the network side. My spare iPhone is hanging on the wall constantly connected to my wifi.

Years later, and unless I have missed the option somewhere, this is a real pita to constantly login everytime I want to switch something on/off. It just auto expires the logged in session after a period (I think).

Please do something about this, or users would have to look at other offerings

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