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WiFi Dimmer

A WiFi dimmer would be a great addition to the range.

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replace your bulbs with LEDs

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Hello dear ITEAD team !

As for the Dimmer switch D1, is it possible to support a little more current (A)? I have a chandelier that needs to support 250W, the current dimmer support load is 200W.


This i tried and it works

A dimmer is not easy when dealing with various load types, but Aeotec has done it, and it has a lot of configuration options. Unfortunately they chose ZWave rather than WIFI.

Dimmelo 

Hi, any idea on a sonoff wifi dimmer

Hi - Any progress on this?? The market is clearly very hungry for a dimmer switch - particularly in my case on touch models ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...

I would like to see a box like the sonoff basic smart switch, but with dimmer function. I.e. no manual dimmer which is visible.

A dimmer would be awesome! Please make one!

Agree! Dimmer is missed in Sonoff line!

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That's what I'm looking for a dimmable sonoff basic

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A dimmable sonoff basic would be good. This with the option to use an existing push button and easy wired connection. Think also about apple homekit compatibility and it is a top product!

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Agree a dimmer would be great! I currently use the Wemo dimmer for the lights I need to dim and the Sonoff T1's everywhere else...having 2 app's to control different lights is not ideal...

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we can use the T1 3 gang as wall interface, 1 button for power on / off, 1 button for dimmer and the last one for brighter the light, we can setup this easily in the app

This is a exemple of smart and simple dimmer

They can be like the sonoff 4ch but with dimmer function, so we can configure our scenes in the APP and turn on or turn off with T1 or with app. 

bellow is a smart dimmer producer at Brazil, just for compare. this is a 3channel dimmer.

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