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WiFi Dimmer

A WiFi dimmer would be a great addition to the range.

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Agree! Dimmer is missed in Sonoff line!

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A dimmer would be awesome! Please make one!

I would like to see a box like the sonoff basic smart switch, but with dimmer function. I.e. no manual dimmer which is visible.

Hi - Any progress on this?? The market is clearly very hungry for a dimmer switch - particularly in my case on touch models ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...

Hi, any idea on a sonoff wifi dimmer

Dimmelo 

A dimmer is not easy when dealing with various load types, but Aeotec has done it, and it has a lot of configuration options. Unfortunately they chose ZWave rather than WIFI.

This i tried and it works

Hello dear ITEAD team !

As for the Dimmer switch D1, is it possible to support a little more current (A)? I have a chandelier that needs to support 250W, the current dimmer support load is 200W.


replace your bulbs with LEDs

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WiFi dimmer, great idea and must have.

SONOFF has released a dimmer product named D1 as below link shown:

To get any help regarding this, anyone can dial Microsoft Telefoonnummer

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