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WiFi Dimmer

A WiFi dimmer would be a great addition to the range.

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Agree :)

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Yes, this would be amazing. Both in the S20 style and Sonos Touch style. Would replace majority of use-cases.

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Agree :) 

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wifi dimmer++



Yes please.

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I agree a version with dimmer support would be fantastic. If you do this please make sure it will support incandescent, CFL and LED lighting.

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This would beat most other modules (Zigbee, ZWave, KaKu, etc).


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wifi dimmer !!!  Yes


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I am looking forward to the sonoff dimmer so I can control the fan speed because I've been using sonoff to automate home heating, circulating pumps and ventilation and this is the last thing I miss :)

Having everything in one application would be a great asset!

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Now I can pair only one RF Remote to one channel of my Sonoff 4CH Pro. So it's not possible to remotly control one channel by 2 or more remotes. WiFi Dimmer can be a solution.

WiFi Dimmer must be:
- baterry powered
- work with Sonoff 4CH Pro along with RF Remote on the same channel, or without it
- have touch control
- have 2 or more hidden holes to mount it on a wall with a screws
- use AC power where available
- have a night "easy to locate" LED
- can be mounted on a wall or any surface with a screws or double-sided tape



Yes please. Wifi Dimmer Maybe also for the touch

I'm agree  "A WiFi dimmer would be a great addition to the range" !!



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