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use sonoff device with another application - WITHOUT REFLASHING!!!

i want to write application to replace eweLink, but i dont want flash device.

is it possible?

i allready have mqtt server, app and any device.

i want to add sonoff to my system/app without flashing

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Hello can anyone sell me a customize app for sonoff I just want Change color and add my logo

hello what flash mean?

@Kahil - 'flash' means to put new firmware/software onto the device, known as "flashing".


What is the progress with this question? I like the idea to connect to OpenHab via MQTT

Any solution can someone help ?


So you are saying you want to edit the eWelink application?, what device are you using the application on?, an Android phone?

@marca Eduardos Hi I just want to use sonoff device with a application that use my name logo and color that I could put on App Store and play store for poeple to download without using eWeLink
Can anyone help ??


What you are asking is plain wrong and I cannot believe you are still asking this stupid question.

So, you want to take someone else's hard work, stick your own logo and colours on it, call it your own and offer it up for download on an app store?, good luck with that. I'm not even going to dignify your question with any further responses. What you are asking is plain wrong.

I can't help you.

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There's nothing wrong with supplying a different App/GUI/approach to a given piece of hardware. Especially because eWeLink (to my knowledge) is not affiliated or in any way related to Sonoff/Itead. Buying Sonoff units to use with "App X", instead of eWeLink, will still generate the same amount of income to Sonoff/Itead.

That said, the Kahil user doesn't seem to know ... anything. Educating him seems a bit futile, at this stage. 

Hi I never said I want to steal someone’s work Since the sonoff device is flashable and you can work on the firmware and make a web app to control the device :where is the problem with that?? is that called stealing someone work ? China who copy paste the entire univers are not stealing poeple work ? I’m stealing a little piece of sonoff app ? does sonoff said you are not allowed to use sonoff only with eWeLink ? Anyway will find another way for this and I will post you the solution cause if you read carefully the forum will find plenty of users looking at the same thing Keep cool

TASMOTA is fully customisable, you can change all colours of the UI and add a logo if required.

On your marks, get set, CODE!!!!!

Best you wrap your head around FLASHING software onto hardware!

I look forward to seeing your 'solution'.

can i integrate these feature in our app?

if it is possible then how to get SDK and how to implement ewelink App  feature in our app.

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Hi Kahil, can you tell me what solution you found? I'm looking for the same thing as you do. Thanks

Hi Thomas I didnt find any solution yet Share if you find

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