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use sonoff device with another application - WITHOUT REFLASHING!!!

i want to write application to replace eweLink, but i dont want flash device.

is it possible?

i allready have mqtt server, app and any device.

i want to add sonoff to my system/app without flashing

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At Morten Kvistgaard:

It's not that's trivial but it is possible. On the pairing mode you can set server url:

"version": 4,
"serverName": [IP OF YOUR SERVER],

You could then make an update base on your server firmware. Also I wonder if it would not be possible with the API:

But for this you need to find a way to authenticate. Right now the only solution I found was to install a packet analyse tool on my mobile to find the Json Web Token.

Get a look at

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After Itead have upgrade to V. 1.6 it seem like it no longer is possible to do OTA - ITEAD, what have your change? Please help the community, we appreciate your product, and want to invest in more.. But your web service is not stable, and this will cost us customer if it not will be solved probate. 

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The point is that ITEAD is not responsible for the API service. We would have to deal with ewelink to solve such issue, since they provide the API and App to Sonoff...

I really think ITEAD should implement kind of a bridge device and give us the option to enable a local control our devices with it or leave it hybrid local control & cloud depending on your location.

One possible option could be to redirect all traffic on your local network that should go to the ewelink servers to a local server. The biggest problem would be knowing how to emulate the ewelink servers.
Any update on the ability to upgrade fw OTA? I am interested in what Morten K is doing with his switches, any way to get that info?



Hi everybody,
I read many post and it seems that many people want to replace Ewelink with another App.
As I think Ewelink is a good App. Could you tell me why you want to replace it ?
What is the inconvienient of using a public Cloud ?

Finally, is it possible to use Ewelink App with other (home made) hardware and firmware than Sonoff ? How to do it ?
thanks for your answers


@yodrack , you are right, the app from Ewelink is pretty nice. One problem is that Ewelink or sonoff (I don't really know from where it come) is not the most reliable software. It happen to me to often that I cannot switch off/on a light because it simply failed. Then I have to restart the app or wait or restart the sonoff or... For this reason some people might want to put custom firmware. 

Another problem come with your second question. There is not really a way to use home made hardware into Ewelink (actually it maybe possible to simulate a sonoff device but that's might be tricky).

The last very annoying thing is that there is no proper API to interact with your sonoff, so it's hardly possible to use your device with node-red for example or what's ever tool u wanna use. (there is actually an API documentation but I never managed to get the JWT unless to sniff Ewelink with wireshark).

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The app would be great. Its the reliability of the servers that make the app work that is the issue. The servers were down for a few weeks in january. Also again in the middle of february for a few days. The issue is reliability.

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@Alexandre Piel + @Ian Biddle
thank you for your information. Probably there are several servers around the world, I am in Paris (France) and I should be lucky because I never experienced a breakdown of server or App problem.
Regarding my last point, (Use Ewelink with homemade hardware), do you have any idea ? How to clone a Sonoff original firmware to another hardware ?


eWeLink is a good simple app, but often unreliable, as it's cloud. From their cloud server problems, to momentary internet loss, shouldn't mean your house stops working. Which is Tragic. But if you want true Smart home automation, then you need it to integrate with local home automation systems like OpenHab2 or NodeRed both via a local MQTT broker server, for clever rules. More advanced than EWe link. unfortunately Sonoff cannot yet send state messages to a local MQTT server for local home control without some hacking of its firmware. I'm hoping they will deliver a local MQTT solution soon for device control. Local Node red rules + MQTT with Sonoff would be awesome! Whilst also not losing simple Ewelink. I haven't figured that out yet.

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I am not really agree with Mqtt. Of course, Mqtt is one of the easiest way to integrate your devices with with a middleware like nodered. There is even some awesome android app to subscribe and publish message. So yes, it s a good way to start. After to say that a true home automation as to use Mqtt, hmmm it s a bit exaggerated. Especially when all your system is on the same network, I would highly recommend to use http query or coap, because you dont need to keep a permanent connection like mqtt does. For example, Echo dot is communicating with Philips hue bridge like this. Mqtt is interesting when you want to access your devices from outside the network. (After you might ask yourself, do I need to switch on a light right now, if I am not at home or can this request have 1 min delay)

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hello any news about this topic?

i would like to develop a new application to use it with my sonoff devices

thanks to help

do they provide SDK of the app?

Hi Kahil,
Unfortunatly, Itead does'nt disclose the code or the details of the commands how to control the SONOFF.
The only solution (as I know today) is to reflash the device with another firmware and develop your own App.

I would like to know 2 things:

- how to use SONOFF with another application,

- how to flash a new device and use it with Ewelink

Itead, Please disclose it as Xmass gift, it would be great !

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