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Not able to flash Sonoff TH16

I would like to flash a custom firmware into Sonoff TH16. However, I am not able to make it go into flashing/bootloader mode.

* I have soldered headers to the PCP and connecting to PC via USB to TTL adapter.

* Sonoff is powering on when connected to PC. I can see LED blinking.

* I kept the button pressed while powering on Sonoff. Still the LED is blinking and device is not getting detected in the serial port.

* I have tested continuity of power, ground, switch, etc. Everything seems to be fine.

Any idea on why I am not able to get Sonoff into bootloader mode?

Try switching Tx and Rx on the Sonoff

Jagadish Rajasekaran, did you succeed at the end ?
if so what was the issue ? 

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