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Garage Door opener status

A new product that would be very useful would be an Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch with 2 leads that could be connected to something such as a reed switch that would report back the status as being open or closed.  This would make a simple WiFi device that could be used on items such as a garage door opener.  I use a Itching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch  now to control my opener but having the reporting feature would be very beneficial. 

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Along with the eWeLink software and Inching Switch, I use MyQ for the status of my garage door open or closed.

I can't send a link. I'm sending a photo. You can buy the whole device, look for AliExpress.

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I have around 20 sonoff relays at home and all work very good.

@COC 1 - but that doesn't support Apple HomeKit

@Robert Barta - jj, vím, že by tam mělo jít koupit jen magnety a s flashnutou pamětí na HAA by to mělo jít v pohodě nastavit. Jen nevím, kam přesně to připájet. Asi na GPIO14 a GND, ale nejsem si 100% jistej

Do aplikace eWelink se dá koupit úplně to stejný s magnety. Mám 2 kusy a funguji perfektně.
I stop using ewelink. I use tuya now for c$20 I have everything. The kit include everything( the opener the reed sensor the cables the hardware , everything)
Yes. One name openener (set inching for 2 seconds) for open and close and the second is named status and go on or off every time the garage open or close. And front this one control an Led light in the garage. The hardest part is to cut the board in the one used as a dry contact to isolated from power to connected to the door operator.

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So, you have 2 buttons in Homekit - one for opening/closing and second for the status?

For the garage door, I used 2 basic model, 1 in inching (cutting the board to isolate the contact from the power) and the second as Status. (connected a reef switch to the manial botón) every time the switch close, change the status. And it works well.

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Hi, I've managed to flash the Sonoff 5V with Ravencore (going to update for HAA) and now I'm using it as garage door opener via Apple HomeKit. And it works just well. 

However, I'd like to add magnetic sensor to monitor, whether the door is open or close. 

Can you please advice where to connect the sensor?

From what I understood, it might be on GIPO14 and GND. Is that correct? If so, where are those on the board?



I did with 2 sonoff basic, the first  inching for 2 seconds for open / close and the second for status using a reed switch ( on for open - off for close)

Hello friends

I am new and very little English :)

I think we are looking for the same ...

I want to automate garage doors. I would like the app to send me an alert if it is open and it was not me.

They have some product that has this function.

I think I can put a normal switch and a DW1 sensor. But I wish it were all together.

I think it's a thing like this, but I would like Sonoff

I hope you help me


EACHEN GD-DC5: The good news: It includes a sreed sensor that needs no extra batteries. The bad news: It is not currently possible to monitor the reed switch separately from the relay switch trigger. So, this confuses IFTTT because of detecting multiple ON/OFF states for each trigger. This is just one more thing to consider when designing a DIY Garage door opener and sensor unit.
Got fed up of waiting of ITEAD and bought the MEROSS MSG100 Works fine £30
So looks like Itead can easily build it in
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