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Garage Door opener status

A new product that would be very useful would be an Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch with 2 leads that could be connected to something such as a reed switch that would report back the status as being open or closed.  This would make a simple WiFi device that could be used on items such as a garage door opener.  I use a Itching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch  now to control my opener but having the reporting feature would be very beneficial. 

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I would agree. 

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This seems a great idea and implementation, if only it worked with ewelink. Itead should get on it.

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Itead needs to look at this and make their own.

I'm using a sonoff momentary switch right now to control my door. It would be very easy for Itead to incorporate an open or closed status using a simple magnetic reed switch.

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I did put in a ticket in back in January - 



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Hi Eddie, the link you posted doesn't work... Good idea to realise an input for a switching sensor and give it's status to ewelink. I would use it to control my coffee maschine for starting the warmup by using/controlling the signal to the power LED (looking if it's on, off or switching it on if it's off) Regards Michael
Question for you guys when I try and hook my relay up to my garage door motor on the same terminals as my wired In wall button it kills power to my wired wall switch. Does anyone know why or a fix for this?
My garage door switch it's setup so that the button needs to be hit twice, anyway the inching switch can hit for 1 second twice?
Estou usando TH10 para controlar meu portão! Com o auxílio de um Nodmcu para emitir pulso para abrir e fechar e o sensor de humidade para contar o tempo do último estado . Ex: 100% de humidade aberto. 00% fechado. 33% de humidade 1/3 aberto. Funcionando perfeitamente.
Is there any plan to release a solution as described above. Can Itead please reply

I attach a diagram. Can anyone build this into Ewelink/Sonoff without flashing?


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