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1 Channel Inching /Self-Locking wirings and firmware replacement


I've been playing with this card for a while, here's what I discovered:


The TX pin in the header doesn't seem to be working (I have two 5v models), so I had to connect the programmer to the pins of the PSA board.

After that I was able to flash the board (GPIO0 is wired to the first button).

So far I couldn't figure out how the second button (inching mode) is managed: no GPIO seems to be directly wired to that button. Has anyone of you has any idea?


I use this switch to control a door lock. I also connected the GPIO14 to a 2€ door sensor and flashed a modified versione of ESPurna: everything is working fine!



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Hi Gianluca,

what Version of Espurna did you flash? Can you provide me a link to the firmware or the sourcecode?

Thnx in advance.



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Thanx for the fast reply, and thank you very much for pointing out to solder tx and rx directly to the board.

I've used the Howto from to compile espurna for my sonoff-pow. 

Can you please point me in the right direction how to compile the branch for the inching device?

On the commandline i used  

'pio run -e sonoff-pow-debug' 

to compile the firmware for the POW.

What do i have to checkout/compile for the inching branch?

OK, i did:

git clone

cd inching/code

pio run -e node-debug

but there is no 1ch-inching Environment to compile


If I remember well, you should do a 

git fetch && git checkout inching

 from the main espurna/code directory

then you should have a  


 environment available.

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thanx a lot , that did the trick !!


I have the 1 channel smart switch, the 5/12 version. Can show a drawing on how I can hook this up to my garage door opener?

My garage door opener has two push buttons (like a doorbell). How would I wire this device to work with those push buttons?


Thank you very much. 

Hi, generally speaking, you should have two of those devices and connect them in parallel with the buttons. One wire goes to the center and the other one on one side, which one depends on the type of circuit, you should try, probably the NC pin.

The sonoff has to be powered on its own.

Maybe there's a simpler solution, with just one sonoff,  but it would require knowing the circuit of your door opener.



just a question ...

I am trying out the ESPurna firmware on SonOff ... so far so good ... all works really great from the Web-Interface ...

But where I still try around, how to use  the REST API PUT/GET request for set the Relay?

or is there something like a simple HTTP URL request available like

    - RelayStatus=1

many thanks


I installed this to my garage door. It's very simple, just hooked it like I would add another push button. Works great. One thing I would like to request from eWelink developers is to have a password for this in my connected devices as this could be easily pressed by mistake and the door would open without knowing your garage door is opened. Having a password to enter would make it less possible to press this button and open the garage door.

IS there a tilt sensor that can be used with this device? I would like to know and be notified when the door is opened or in the closed position.

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