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SOnOff Firmware 1.5.4

After the last upgrade of eWeLink app it says that it can control devices using local area network (nor cloud) if the firmware is version 1.5.4. All my devices are version 1.5.2 and I see "Latest" for firmware version in settings. 

When they will upgrade to version 1.5.4?

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Firmware upgraded to 1.5.5 today! Now I have to discover info how to control devices using local area network.

After upgrade to 1.5.5. the MAC and hostname is changed. Strange...

I can not find any open port to local connect.

I don't remember exactly where I read that "it can control devices using local area network if the firmware is version 1.5.4". I think it was on About screen of eWeLink. But now there is no such text?!

Unfortunately,nothing new. C/P from chat:

Panagiwtis T4 days ago

hello.the ewelink app found a firmware update(1.5.5).what are the changes of the update?

Jack Liu Panagiwtis T3 days ago

Not new function added,but new firmware will improve the stability of device working.

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