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Amazon echo / Dot

Hello Does anyone know if Sonoff WiFi switches work with the Amazon Dot / Echo Alexa voice commands??

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If itead would share the protocol or allow these to be controlled locally one could control via HA-Bridge

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looks like someone has it working with Alexa.

maybe just Alexa to "Discover Devices"

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That is with the device flashed, not with the itead firmware

Its pretty easy to do with Openhab2 and ESPEasy firmware.  Openhab 2 can emulate Philips Hue devices whic are auto detected by Alexa

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I saw the YouTube videos and it's great if they are really being controlled by the Echo Dot, but no one really explains how to do it.

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First you need to flash your Sonoff WiFi switches  with a new firmware. which many aren't comfortable doing.

After that it is very simple. A Web server like BWS systems HA-Bridge will interface with them using tcp.

If itead supplied the protocol users wouldn't need to flash their devices.

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We are plan our device add a skill to Amazon next month,please hold on.

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I really wasn't looking forward to flashing all my modules.

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It would be much cheaper and easier for iTead to just release the protocol.

But it's iTeads money being spent, and simpler for end users.

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@support, yes please.  The Amazon skills with the WeMo is what lead me to ITEAD.  Leave the expensive plug and play versions (Philips and WeMo) to the appliance users, but ITEAD can capture the HUGE base of people who are comfortable working with mains voltage. 

This community would be a great place to find your beta testers!

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Support Team

Great news thank you for the feedback:)

For upcoming Alexa support, does that include other sonoff products? (wall switch/plugs)

I see that ITEAD has announced that it works with Alexa now.

My questions:

1) Will it also work with Google Home then , or is that a separate update , and is it coming ?

2) is it hardware or software update ?

3) will I be able to update existing sonoff switches ?

4) does it apply to all sonoff products or only specific ones?

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Greg MAr////

i know some info.

1. i dont know

2. i think software update cuz they told me you can be using exsting switch at echo or alexa.

3. i think yes. they told me that answer by we chat.

4. im no sure. but i think all products can be using.

P.S . sorry my bad english.


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