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Sharing devices in ewelink

Have been trying to add my devices to my ewelink other account on my tablet from my phone, and ewery time i get user dosent exsist.............

my main account cant find my other accounts now i have made 2 and nothing helps!!!!

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I have the same problem i can't create an other IFTTT applet on a second smartphone that i shared ewelink device from first smartphone, and both has different ewelink,google and IFTTT account, so IFTTT account on second smartphone doesn't find any ewelink devices and i can't use google assistant or other app but only by ewelink app.... Is very frustating, not smart at all! Someone tried by google home app? Thanks

how to shear other mobile

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Good question Khaled. It’s never worked for me.

Its awesome. Love this

How many people can you share a sonoff with?
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