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Sharing devices in ewelink

Have been trying to add my devices to my ewelink other account on my tablet from my phone, and ewery time i get user dosent exsist.............

my main account cant find my other accounts now i have made 2 and nothing helps!!!!

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You must have your second account open before you can receive invitation. 

First log on to device you want to share to (device/account #2)
Then open the main device(account#1) and share it to your second account.
For me this was the only way to make it work...

But it should support multiple devices, so you don't have to have more accounts.

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It's too bad that only one device could signup on only one eWeLink account on Android at a time.

Me & my wife got disconnected so many times in a day that it is very frustrating to use it.

Maybe developping a white list of devices that we can manage on our account (with a long life token) could be a solution?

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The problem I'm having is: I have shared a number of sonoff devices through the EWeLink with my father. We are both on iOS on iPhones. Both he and I can control all the sonoff devices in the setup. Using a RF bridge, I have a 3 door contacts and a PIR set to send notifications.  I receive notifications of alarms on my iPhone but my father doesn't get the notifications on his EWeLink app on his iPhone.

Is there something I'm not doing right?

Thanks in advance!

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how to shear other mobile

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Anyone know how to create scene with shared device?


Mark Trayner I have the exact same problem as you mate! I’m on iphone but my girlfriend is on Android. I’ve shared the devices with her but I’m the only one that’s receiving the notifications.

Its awesome. Love this

Agree with the above;  I'd like to have the app on multiple devices in the house, but signing in to one signs me out of the others.   It's the same when we link the account in Google Assistant. 

On loging in with other device the first device login expires ? When trying to register other mobile - website says the account does not exist. I am from India. Can we have multiple device for same Sonoff at same Network? At the same time?
I wrote that 10 months ago and still no change mate. Appalling customer service!

Managed to get this working in the end.  Hadn't noticed the 'share' button on each device.


how to reset Sonoff TH

Me too, thank you!

Didn't notice the share feature before.

I try many times to share a device.
I have one account and i create a new one for my wife.
Every time i try to share, it says " Sending share invitation message, please wait " but after sometime it says " The device has not been shared, share it now! " .
This happens with all devices i have configured on my account.

 Can someone help me please ?!?!


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