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Control Sonoff without Internet


maybe this is a wellknown question:

can I control my sonoff device (Sonoff - ITEAD WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Module ABS Shell Socket for Home DIY, ebay nr.: 272301663052) without any internet connection?

Just with wget commands or similar?



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"I have contacted amazon they are very concernef about damage to their reputation and are looking at withdrawing from sale"

Sorry, but that is really funny.  Amazon themselves are also at the cause of the problem as Amazon AWS belongs to their suite of services.


@Patric Martin - Amazon AWS can't be the one to blame here :) ITEAD/SONOFF didn't buy/rent an adequate server or set it up correctly to sustain this kind of traffic...
This is like buying cheapest BMW and complaining its BMW's fault it doesn't go 0-100 in 3 sec. 

Its not sold as a hakers toy but a simple for ANYBODY to fit and use alexa etc to automate lights etc. If it was sold as an electronic project component requiring computer programing knowledge your idea is valid its not its sold as a addon for any fool to automate there house hell versions even are sold that you simply plug into a socket and plug your lamp lead into.

@Patrick - Was this an AWS outage that is causing all these switches to go offline and never reconnect?  If this is so, I can bring this to the attention of the AWS team.

Hai paura di rimanere col tuo Sonoff senza internet e non poter accendere e spegnere i tuoi dispositivi ? Scopri come fare con la modalità LAN grazie alla mia guida completa.


Sonoff senza internet: modalità LAN guida completa

Hello dear ITEAD team !

I am doing a research at the Internet for the home automation stuff and I found SONOFF one the most comprehensive products and features when out of the dedicated and expensive automation systems. I found SONOFF with a large deployments around the world.

SONOFF products fits very well for me to control my entire home with dozen of products.

One think that I found and is blocker for me and a lot of other users as the solution only works in a full mode if the connection with the Internet is present, without Internet connection the most of the control is lost where this is not acceptable for a full home deployment.

is this feature already implemented or in roadmap ? I understand that this can be caused due a lack of a "Coordinator" in the network such as Zigbee works and to have all features in a simple device could be hard. Well, if this is the limitation I think you guys could could release a "coordinator" to have this installed inside the home doing this role or add in some already device. I think the solution will be much more complete and will get much more customers, SONOFF will be pretty much unbeatable.


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@Patrick Martin  What is the firmware with which the SONOFF BASICR2 module can work in Lan Mode?

A similar question was on this page

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