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Control Sonoff without Internet


maybe this is a wellknown question:

can I control my sonoff device (Sonoff - ITEAD WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Module ABS Shell Socket for Home DIY, ebay nr.: 272301663052) without any internet connection?

Just with wget commands or similar?



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It is need it LAN options comunication .... I dont need my devices to take "precios" space on some servers, i can make a portfowarding or many other way to make the device work in internet from my router on LAN

@Patrick Martin  What is the firmware with which the SONOFF BASICR2 module can work in Lan Mode?

I bought mine all from ITEAD. About 15 T1 models installed. Been giving them a fair chance but I find Support lacking severely and it seems like the company is intentionally withholding the ability for us to “self control” from within our personal networks. Not sure if I can get my money back but if the complaint pulls the product off the shelves, it’s still a win.
I have contacted amazon they are very concernef about damage to their reputation and are looking at withdrawing from sale
rylle christian: please let us know how it can be controlled locally. Thank you
Version is 1.5.5

anyone here with sonoff basic can work without internet. i got a reply from tech support that it can control with a new firmware version. which version you have. 


I've about 20 of these in-wall switches deployed across my home and having to flash each one would entail removing each unit from the wall, flashing and reinstalling.  Far too much of a hassle.  If it is possible to have some sort of a POST command to trigger functions, that would be absolutely great!  Right now, the switches are "separate" from my other home automation devices.  It'd be nice to have these Sonoff switches work together.

Can the wifi on the safe voltage board be accessed with a PC. I would like to use the devices strictly on a local level. There are other ways to do this, but having everything in a handy small package would be a very attractive option. I live in the foothills of the Ozarks, and we are extremely distance disadvantaged from good reasonably priced wifi access . . without having to pay through the nose for service. If I go more than a few steps out into the yard, a smart phone won't reach our amplifier signal. I have a booster installed in our house to get decent service there. I'm quite certain there are many other people with the same problem, since not everyone lives in a major population center. My main interest would be to access sensors in my garden and other exciting things of a similar nature. Even though we live out in the sticks, we have been able to get fresh water locally, do complex arithmetic and have good access to color TV for some time. I suppose good, reasonably priced net access will eventually make it?

@Patrick Martin

I really don't think safety is a major issue. You can wire this stuff to 240 volts then hand the wires to little brother and activate the stuff. The stuff just ain't smart enough to be fool proof.

Just Saying

There are no local commands. The sonoff device connects to a server at and waits for commands from that server..

To control the device, you need to login to and then send commands via a REST api.

This is what the alexa "we link" skill will do.

I you want to use you local intranet, you have to change DNS names for

just an idea that is what i am going to do,

use the open and FREE tasmota firmware

there you can enable HUE emulation

OR the better option setup an openHAB Server and use all your devices though it

"I have contacted amazon they are very concernef about damage to their reputation and are looking at withdrawing from sale"

Sorry, but that is really funny.  Amazon themselves are also at the cause of the problem as Amazon AWS belongs to their suite of services.


@Patric Martin - Amazon AWS can't be the one to blame here :) ITEAD/SONOFF didn't buy/rent an adequate server or set it up correctly to sustain this kind of traffic...
This is like buying cheapest BMW and complaining its BMW's fault it doesn't go 0-100 in 3 sec. 

Its not sold as a hakers toy but a simple for ANYBODY to fit and use alexa etc to automate lights etc. If it was sold as an electronic project component requiring computer programing knowledge your idea is valid its not its sold as a addon for any fool to automate there house hell versions even are sold that you simply plug into a socket and plug your lamp lead into.
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