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Control Sonoff without Internet


maybe this is a wellknown question:

can I control my sonoff device (Sonoff - ITEAD WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Module ABS Shell Socket for Home DIY, ebay nr.: 272301663052) without any internet connection?

Just with wget commands or similar?



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@Patrick Martin,

Not all place in the world is their constant asses to network by cellular phone "please inform me of any carrier that does not connect to the internet."  

Sweden, Norway and Finland do have a lot of black hole, where the phone log show multiple a temp to reconnect over the day.. We some time will be lucky to get a fair G2 connection. 

This is some of the background to have a type of local server to fall back on, with the possibility to control the intelligent home network amplification, by clean WiFi control.

I need my sonoff switch only at home. So there is no need at all for a internet connection, wifi would do it.
But I understand, if sonoff would release the local commands, they would loose the control over their devices and that is surely not what they want.



Local access by home LAN without an external Internet Service provider using wifi is already done.

- various firmwares have already been published by interested groups

- Books have even been written on the subject, and included Sonoff devices within the books

- YouTube has many videos purporting success, some even fair tutorials, few on safety.

Programming firmware, hacking the Sonoff, all that is required is knowledge and the skills.


 - High Voltage in the hands of the unknowledgeable and less skilled is  DANGEROUS! 

 Would Itead (or anyone for that matter) want to have such a liability - No.

 As such, there should be no question why such is not "officially" supported.

The Sonoff software is more than some cheap Arduino script trick

 - as such the development of carried a high cost to develop

 - when people like to have continued line of products with growing capabilities

   these costs for further development have to offset by profits - or development dies.

If Sonoff would release their commands, I think security issues become a concern

 - hackers would now have publically posted command formats, structures, etc

 - who knows what would happen to your home if such became common knowledge

There is more than one valid reason why such is not a simple public release

But it is indeed childish approach to make statements like "they'd loose control"

    as a attempt to get something (as if for free no less), such is not motivating.

As stated knowledge and skill has already produced your desired result.

Now @Henning

   A Carrier does not equal The Internet. 

   big-I Internet is the Network of Networks most commonly used.

   small-i internet is more than one network, connected using Internet Protocol IP.

   There are indeed Carriers that offer services on their Network without Data Plans.

    - such would not be connected to the Internet

   Likewise there are Service providers that provide Data Services on their own network

   - again, isolated from the public Internet (mostly for security reasons against hackers)

     such old school examples included CompuServ and AOL

     such newer examples include military, transportation, taxis, couriers, and corporate.

   Another example was when governments cut Internet during protest

     - and yet innovative coders created their own non-Internet Network

   Long before cellular, there were many means to pass data over multiple paths

     - routing is all about multiple data paths and supplying path route that currently works best

But when a home is reliant on having a connection

  - perhaps invest into multiple service providers.

  - cellular carriers sold the concept of cutting landlines

    - as such it removed the redundancy needed for availability you now seek.


There are no local commands. The sonoff device connects to a server at and waits for commands from that server..

To control the device, you need to login to and then send commands via a REST api.

This is what the alexa "we link" skill will do.

I you want to use you local intranet, you have to change DNS names for

If an api was published sonoff could be controlled by home automation gateways like domoticz which aggregates different systems ( much more variety than sonoff has or can ever do ). If that was the case i would not buy zwave switches since sonoff are cheaper.


what quantity of switches do you speak of?

10 on a personal level, more if my company likes it.

Can the wifi on the safe voltage board be accessed with a PC. I would like to use the devices strictly on a local level. There are other ways to do this, but having everything in a handy small package would be a very attractive option. I live in the foothills of the Ozarks, and we are extremely distance disadvantaged from good reasonably priced wifi access . . without having to pay through the nose for service. If I go more than a few steps out into the yard, a smart phone won't reach our amplifier signal. I have a booster installed in our house to get decent service there. I'm quite certain there are many other people with the same problem, since not everyone lives in a major population center. My main interest would be to access sensors in my garden and other exciting things of a similar nature. Even though we live out in the sticks, we have been able to get fresh water locally, do complex arithmetic and have good access to color TV for some time. I suppose good, reasonably priced net access will eventually make it?

@Patrick Martin

I really don't think safety is a major issue. You can wire this stuff to 240 volts then hand the wires to little brother and activate the stuff. The stuff just ain't smart enough to be fool proof.

Just Saying


I have the same question. it would be easier for me to spread out the sonoff devices for my future / upcoming projects if they are working without internet connection.

Most of my clients asked me if the systems work without internet because some of the areas in their places have intermittent internet connection. 

i would love to push through this project if the developer would change the design in which can control through a local router with unplugged WAN connection.

and the product finds me very affordable and easy to install.;)

anyone here with sonoff basic can work without internet. i got a reply from tech support that it can control with a new firmware version. which version you have. 


I've about 20 of these in-wall switches deployed across my home and having to flash each one would entail removing each unit from the wall, flashing and reinstalling.  Far too much of a hassle.  If it is possible to have some sort of a POST command to trigger functions, that would be absolutely great!  Right now, the switches are "separate" from my other home automation devices.  It'd be nice to have these Sonoff switches work together.

rylle christian: please let us know how it can be controlled locally. Thank you
Version is 1.5.5

Andrew, i got updated from the tech support and said they haven't developed yet the firmware version in which it can control via local wifi.

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