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TH 10 Temperature alert

It would be very useful if the TH10 could send an email alert if a certain condition is met. I wish to monitor a glycol chiller and would like to receive an email alert if a reading exceeds a set value. Is this currently possible or could it be in a future version of the App or hardware?

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Yes, this would be very useful!

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I would love that too!

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That is something I very much want - I plan to use my sonoff to monitor the temperature in my second home (in another country). If the temperature gets low enough to risk freezing pipes I would like a warning email or whatsapp message so I can ask a friend to visit and check that the heating switches on properly.

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This would be a great feature I would use it

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Come on Itead,  let's make this happen.

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Agree.  Having Ewelink provide a "scene" that includes sending an email alarm would be ideal.

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Allow for notification to Telegram too.

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I wanted to buy the Sonoff TH10/TH16 just for the ability to monitor my house for low temperature while I was away to let me know if the furnace has quit. I need the device to be able to push an alert when the temp gets to a low value.  Is this not possible yet?



It is totally possible.  The EWE app sends notifications whenever a trigger goes on or off.  They don't mention this, but it's true.  Even if you don't have anything plugged into the outlet for the trigger to act on, the trigger will still send a notification.

I did exactly as you wanted...I got the Sonoff TH10, bought an extension cord, bought the temp/humidity proble.  I cut the extension cord and put the Sonoff in between the cut ends.  I then plugged it in and synced it to my wifi.  Then I installed the EWE app and followed instructions.  It now sends a notification if the temp goes above or below threshold values.

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Great, thank you for the info AQ!

I also have the th10 and the app on my iPad. However when I open the app it does not show option for manual or automatic setting and the auto setting is needed to set temperature for on/off of device one wants to power up and down. The app also does not even show the temperature and yes I have the temperature probe inserted into the th10. At this point I only bought power to the th10 using an old section of extension cord. However the unit I want to power up and down has not been wired to the th10. I assumed that I should be able to see the temperature where the th10 is situated.

Unfortunately I only have android and can't speak to the iOS version.  Sorry.

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