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SONOFF TH - request for schema of wires connection of Dupont - 2.5 mm jack connector


I got my SONOFF TH10 together with AM2301 sensor.

I managed to connect SONOFF TH10 device to WiFi and register in in eWeLink software.

But it turned out that my AM2301 sensor does not work, I get 'Failed to read sensor data' error in the app.

I disassemled the sensor and connected it directly to my Arduio board (without 2.5 mm audio jack).

It turned out the sensor works proper itself.


The next step, I checked each wire of 2.5 mm jack connector. I pinged each wire using multimeter and it turned out black wire connected to VCC is broken, please find attached printscreen.


Could someone confirm if wires are placed properly in the connector, in the same way as I have them in my devvice?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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Any comments are much appreciated, thanks!

I do have the same problem, but I am waiting till support is picking up my ticket. 

If the sensor is DOA, they should send me a new one imho.

Hi Andrew

Yes, I can confirm that your schema of the connector is right. You can find a picture with all the connections in the board in my post about the TH10/16 here:

The tip is GPIO14 and the sleeve should be connected to 3V3.

I had the same problem, the solution was to press harder on the 2.5mm jack when inserting in the Sonoff.

It then clicks into place. :)

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Push the plug in hard till it snaps in.
Pushing hard will break something sooner or later. It is the hole in the cap which does not center the connector. Better is it to make the hole bigger. Or, gently twist and turn while pushing.

" ... It then clicks into place ... "


" ... It then clicks into place ... "

Thanks also!

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