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Nextion IDE missing features


I have been working with Nextion IDE for a month, but there are some very very missing features in the "scripting" language, and IDE:

- text value indexing:  



- "function" node: if i would like to use code sequences more times

    now i have to hacking with timer, bugging the tim.en property.

- there is no indirection between functions, and variables:

   page 1    // works

   page next_page //

   page va0.txt  // does not work

   page va0.val  // does not work


   for example: 

      - I have a page where user can modify parameters. I would like to use this page from different pages.  

      - I would like to store in variable the name or id of the parent page, and then user push OK or CANCEL button jump back to the page where I came from. 

It's very basic but I have to hack it with totally unnecessary duplication  of the setup pages... If there will be change on  setup pages, i have to do changes multiple times...

- array type of variable object would be very useful:

  If I do a list or combo, or wheel control like advance control  for parameter changing, selecting, I had to hack code with long long if.. then... case  sequences, with a lot of hard wired strings, or values. :( 

 This missing stuff can solve a lot of problem with one shot...

 Of course indexing possibility is needed, like va0[idx].val.  

- Antialiased generated text: Texts would be more nice looking, and not poping out when I mixing texts with bitmap based gui.

- Color Variable, Color Array, or/and directly editable color int field, or/and better colorpicker: Less Sweat!

- Escape sequences, useful excapesequence: minimum requirement \r \n

- Inverted text ( not vital, but sometimes useful ): on full text-like controls, or with in-text inverting on/off escape squence like \i1 (inverting on),  \i0 (inverting off).

 Full text inverting useful if I would like to "flash" text.

 Escape on/off like intext,subtext inverting, highlighting, flashing can be useful aswell. Nowadays I tried to do textbox field with minimal keypad view, but I can't do easy way, only HACK,HACK,HACK, because no tools in my hands of text indexing, subcripting, substring, and cursor-like effect. Subtext inverting, inverting the current character in the text control useful for cursor-like effect...

- TOP global variables: not the part of the page, can be accessible from every page not in this form page0.myGlobalVariable, only myGlobalVariable keyword is needed.


- Popup-like page: Controls layout of the page can be show over the actual page like a popup window. Can be hacked with vis ctr,x command, but not too elegant. And "popup" controls hides the underlying ones... 

These are my missing features in nextion IDE, but very COOL and I like so much!

I hope that, the time will come in some months or years, when all of these kind features will have been already built in nextion IDE.



ps: sorry for my english, not my primary language.

va0.txt=t0.txt[2]  ?????????

   va0.txt=t0.txt[:-3]  ????????
Maybe you meant



Same way,
Is there a way to put the  variables (string or number type) in an array, in Nextion code?
I know that "officially" it's impossible to have va[0],va[1][n] instead of va0, va1...van,
but i wonder if there is a trick to manage variables as an array of variables .

Is there a way to put the  variables (string or number type) in an array, in Nextion code?
I know that "officially" it's impossible to have va[0],va[1][n] instead of va0, va1...van,
but i wonder if there is a trick to manage variables as an array of variables .

it is our great pleasure and passion to help wherever we can ...

all suggestions are recorded and always welcome ... who knows what may come to market tomorrow ... and there are really only a very very few products outside, which are so perfect, that they don't need any improvements ...
Nextion HMI is surely not amongst ...


I have just written my remarks, comments on your product, nextion IDE. Maybe helps, or not.

What you will do with these infromation, that is just your business...

No need to explain about mcu developement... I know this field, I know these kind of weakness.

In my philosophy I am trying to push all GUI-based tasks, functions to HMI. MCU - HMI communication works on only parameters, and events...

Neverthless, I would like to congatulate for your product, and IDE. Good, usefull solution, for great price, and support.

the philosophy and design of the Nextion product-line reflects to HMI. And HMI considerations are different from Arduino or Rpi platforms. The Nextion HMI is neither nor.
There is surely a STM MCU on board, but this MCU is used to implement HMI components rather than normal MCU tasks. That's just not the goal for this kind of products. You surely can use it in different ways, but that's up to the user. The Nextion per se is no Arduino replacement.

Nevertheless, most of your demands have already been addressed. Some may be implemented, some not. But there is absolutely no timeframe available.

Keep in mind, how much flash you have available, and what you can do with ... every more on firmware functions is also a less on user functions ... so, every enhancement must be well thought ...


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