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Wi-Fi Only Tablet eWeLink App

I've seen a thread elsewhere, that points out why there's no tablet app for the iTead devices; because eWeLink is activated via phone, so tablets aren't compatible.

However, I have an old Nexus 7 that's not used anymore, and I'd like to set it up as a wall-mounted control panel for the house's iTead devices. It can be on all the time, just running eWeLink, giving us quick and easy access to all the home automation I've got set up. Might even get a second one for upstairs, if this would work.

So I think there's a strong argument for creating a tablet app that only runs on wi-fi, within your home network. Not just a straight port of the mobile app either -- all the extra screen space means it could have more buttons on a single screen. Maybe even a "blueprint" overview of the house, so you could tap the room you want to control?

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