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Sonoff TH10 Output


just received (4 days from China to Italy: superfast !) a brand new Sonoff TH10.

My very dumb questions are the following:

1) is the output (Output/L - EE) fully insulated from AC input ? Can I use it as full stand-alone switch (to control one low power input of my heat pump) ?

2) I don't recognize connector (see photo): how to properly connect wires ?

Thanks !



L IN  - Line input (~230V)
N - Neutral input (~230V)
E - Ground

When the Sonoff is ON you get 230V on the L OUT, when is OFF it is 0V.

E and E are just directly connected as you can see on the case.
Also N and N are directly connected as you can see on the case.

I don't understand what you really want to do but here you basicly connect any device to L Out and N and it will get 230V when the Sonoff is ON.

You can also connect L Out and N to a Relay to control other circuits.


E probbably means EARTH.

Hi, I'd like to install a TH10 togheter a classic thermostat.

I'd like, to switch on/off and control my heating system either with TH10 and classic thermostat. Is it possible?

Could I even change the state of TH10 (on/off) from the classic thermostat? 



Yes, it is. You can read it here (in Italian unfortunately):

Sonoff WiFi TH10A e presa intelligente S20 Smart Socket

well , I also have the TH10. Everything works together with the app. I can turn it on and off, make scenes.. measure the temperature and humidity with no problem .. the problem first occur when I want to turn the 230vac output on ... When I measured the output it change between 25 ~ 37 vAC The firmware is updated . Is it a hardware issue? Can I do something about it myself?
(2.14 MB)
Is there a way to change back %RH into TH10 back digital mode showing exactly number as before instead analogic way. Its making the device unusable.

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For moisture return percent. It still shows me a lot.

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Lars Jensen, pretty sure your issue is due to wiring your output to a Live and an Earth terminal instead of a Live and Neutral terminal, that is the reason you are receiving between 25 ~ 37 vAC from a 230 vAC output.  Change the Earth to the other Neutral and all should be good.  :)

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Some basic principles to know about Sonoff TH10.  Dynamic ON / OFF principle:

Devices are turned on / off via 

power on/off phase wire


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