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sonoff timer problem

Timer function which is set up from ewelink app does not function properly .Please help

P.S: My device has firmware 1.2.0 and can not be updated to 1.5.2

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With latest firware v3.1 the timer of my sonoff 4CH PRO R2 are not working anymore without internet connection (before they worked :( )

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 I have this issue too with my sonoff rf basic, i  thought it was a device problem  until I read the post. Is it a bug? Have you mentioned it in support?

Yes I mentioned but I think it is their new policy. They changed in fact with new firmware from 3.1 and internet connection is mandatory. I think they are forcing to connect to their cloud. Not very professional but maybe they have their reason?

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 when I bought it it said it didn't need to be connected. So I don't think they can change its features as they want without informing before. It is definitely not professional and it makes the devices useless in many applications.

Fully agree!

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