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"Device belongs to other user" Solution

If you get a brand-new ITEAD Smart Home device, when you are adding it for the first time and the APP notes: "Device belongs to other user" , then you should submit a feedback on the APP. Stating your problem and requesting to delete the related data. Our IT support will then check your problem and solve it. Please note that we will follow up the issue by sending you emails.

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I have the same issue with one of my sonoff device.

I did not figure out how to resolve this issue. What is this "ewelink feedback" mentioned by the Support Team. Should I leave a feedback in the Google Play page of the ewelink app ?

Any advice welcome !

I have the same problem. The team support tellme :

" ... Have better feedback this issue on ewelink “feedback”,our App R&D colleagues will help you.... "

Please, What is this "ewelink feedback" mentioned by the Support Team. 

Sorry,  my level of english is very bad. I use google translator.

hi! @jmpeco 

It means you should submit a feedback on the APP.

Como resetar o sonoff zerar de fabrica pois não consigo trocar o usuário. Alguém me explique como fazer isso.

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I have the same problem: "Device belongs to other user"

what need to do?

Same problem here.  The app logged off by itself, and I could not remember my password.  Resetting my password made the Sonoff think it belongs to another user.  Poor programming.  How to update the sonoff?  There must be a hard reset or boot - even if a jumper is needed on the board.  If not, then the firmware needs upgrading and again - poor programming.  

Então alguém descobriu como resetar ele pois entrei em contato com a empresa e me falaram que a única maneira e fornecer o ID do SONOFF pra eles que eles enviaram a senha por E-MAIL.

Okay, not sure that makes sense.  But, where is the SONOFF ID found?  Is that the wi-fi network address?

Perhaps read thread from beginning and use EweLink App as directed.

I don't understand how the app will help if I cannot connect to the device.  I have read the thread from the beginning.

simple.  Sonoff Support staff monitor Feedback.

Pessoal eu estou  com o mesmo problema? Nao posso usar o sonoff porque ele esta associado a outro usuario. E nao tenho mais esse usuario. Que coisa mal feita. 

Guys, do I have the same problem? I can not use sonoff because it is associated with another user. And I do not have that user anymore. What a bad thing.

How can I solve this problem.

I really wanted to solve this problem. I have sonoff unusable because it is associated with another user.


How do I reset?

I have 2 sonoff basic were setup with my old phone, now i want to know how to transfer my account to new phone.

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