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"Device belongs to other user" Solution

If you get a brand-new ITEAD Smart Home device, when you are adding it for the first time and the APP notes: "Device belongs to other user" , then you should submit a feedback on the APP. Stating your problem and requesting to delete the related data. Our IT support will then check your problem and solve it. Please note that we will follow up the issue by sending you emails.

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hi i can't connect to the device. "device belongs to other user" what to do ?

I bought a brand new Sonoff on eBay - the device could not be added because it "belongs to other user", It turned out that it belonged to an account in Russia (ITEAD lookked it up from the device number) - it was deleted from the russian account by ITEAD - and I could add it to my account. But now it became clear that the device had a malfunction - as it could not hold steady connection to the router - and made Ewelink button to change between "on" and "off" without my operation of the mobile phone.

I wonder if the Sonoff really was new or allready had been sold to an other user in Russia, who returned the device to China because it was defective? 


Why did you buy Sonoff from eBay or other distributor channel? If you buy from ITEAD, we guarantee this problem will not happen.  

I did not know of the Sonoff-product before I saw it on eBay - the Sonoffs was sold by Chip_partner on Chip_partner is located in China.

ITEAD's official channel that sells products to foreign country is

So the eBay shop is not official channel. 

You should request after-sale service from the eBay shop. 

While once you submit a feedback on eWeLink, we will check which ID has added the device, but we don't easily delete any information for security issue. 

I have the same problem with my secon sonoff item "belongs to other user". Can you help me ? 

I have contact with the Sonoff user (in Russia) whos account my Sonoff was connected to - he have bought his Sonoff's from and they all worked fine - but in some way his account was registrated with my device ID. I have waited so long for at solution (getting the device cancelled the wrong account) that eBay after-sale service is no longer vallid. And as my Sonoff was not possible to test because of "belongs to other user"

I now have a non working Sonoff:. I mean if my Sonoff from the factory had the right Device-ID (not connected to an other account) I would have been able to user the after-sale service from eBay.

After all it is a Itead-Sonoff sold to a chinese shop who sold it on to me?

1.Did you have register this device to a ewelink account?if yes,please cancel it from the older account

2.Please feedback this problem on ewelinkfeedbackIT department colleagues will help you.They also need your feedback record.

3.The sonoff haven't "hardware" reset function now.

Realy are you serious ? How can i cancel a registration for a device which does not appear on my account ...................... ?

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Это мое устройство, о котором пишет Carsten.falk. Он работает для меня хорошо в течение трех месяцев, а потом вдруг повернулся к другому зарегистрированному пользователю. Я спросил, обслуживание клиентов, и они просят меня, чтобы отправить их обратно к замене устройства. Я хотел бы спросить обслуживания клиентов, они делают хорошо в этом sluchae.Ya, почему я должен изменить?

This is my device about which writes Carsten.falk. It works for me is good for three months, and then suddenly turned to another registered user. I asked the customer service, and they are asking me to send them back to the device replacement. I would like to ask the customer service, they are doing well in this sluchae.Ya why should I change?

Do this mean that both my Sonoff-device and Alberts device have the same ITEAD-ID? This could explain the strange way my Sonoff works - i.e. switches without I am touching  the mobile phone - look at this link:

Every device have different physical address,So the there is not possible have the same id.I think there is some operation mistake in some agents,or in the factory process,so please ask the customer service or return devices 

Very, very strange - now the pre-funny-working Sonoff of mine (look is working quite like it should ??? Nothing was upgraded og changed by me. Did Alberts device with the same ID spook or is the now-working condition due to the new "family friendly - multi-user-update" of the Ewelink-app?

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