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Can't set default device status for (Sonoff Pow & Sonoff TH 16A)

i have been made two orders including 20 PCS of

"Sonoff Pow WiFi Switch with Power Consumption Measurement"

"Sonoff TH 10A/16A Temperature And Humidity Monitoring WiFi Smart Switch"

I can't set the default devices status either (on/off/stay) as in other products, there is no option in app to set it .. every time i repower the device it goes "off" even it was "on" .. it is very important to me to set it on "stay" as previous status ..  please help me to setup it urgently 

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I have the same problem .. Is there  way, when the power supply come back again, to tell the module to set as default the output in ON status?

You can set this in the Device Setting option - accessible via the "... " button on the switch screen.

There is only device name, firmware version 1.1.0 info and energy price field in Device Setting menu accessible via "..." on device screen.

The best solution after power is back would be to check all timers and auto adjust state according to them. Is that possible? Can we count on this in next FW?

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