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Cannot pair wifi smart switch

I just bought six Sonoff wifi switches but I can't get them to work. When I try and pair with the Sonoff I get the "incorrect password" message. I am using 12345678. Or it accepts the password and connects to the Sonoff itead wifi for a few seconds and then disconnects.

I have tried with two of the switches and get the same problem. I have looked at the itead guide and FAQs. I have raised a help ticket but am not getting a response. Can anyone help or give me advice?

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Hey Gal Boaz, I tried Airplane mode but it didn't work. I was able to see the network after doing this but unable to pair my device. What phone are you using and what iOS are you running?


iam the same case, i buy serven switch buy not conect in to wifi, i Has done everything guided but Still can not conect to wifi, who have video  guide conect switch to wifi please sent to me, thanks

Hi, i am using android lg 4, 1. Took it to airplane mode 2. Activate onlty wifi on phone 3 . Pair with the app.

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@ Gal Boaz,
Thank you for your workaround.
I couldn't pair two of my ten devices, but thanks to you i was able to do it now.



I had the same problem (password 12345678 not accepted on iPAD) on 2 different Sonoff switches.

But after repeated retrying (with ITEAD wifi selected on iPAD) it worked with both. The pairing process failed like 5 to 10 times on each device.

So I can only suggest to be patient with these things and keep trying. Good luck

Hi guys,

I came to this site totally frustrated with the same issues on my iPhone 6S (couldn't pair with the iOS app). The thing that worked for me was doing the following:

- Launch the app

- Click the add device button

- Put the Sonoff in pairing mode (press button down for 5 sec or so until it blinks fast)

- Use the 1st option (version 1 I think it says)

- When it tells you to go to your wi-fi settings, do everything it says, but if you are having problems connecting, click "Renew Lease" button (at the very bottom when you click on the ITD-xxxxx device

- You will, within 20 seconds or so, get an IP address from the device

- Continue in app, click continue, then connect to your router

Works like a champ! Hope this helps.

I had this problem too on iphone 6. Solution for me was to pair the device with laptop windows 7, password12345678 and then pair the device with iphone. That worked almost always immediately and if not only max 2 attempts were needed to get it working.


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This device is great. I was having trouble pairing. When both sides are connected, the device does not want to pairing. When I disconnect the wires at the output side, the device was immediately paired with the application and then I connect the wires to the output side. Now everything works great.

1.- Error de conexión con contraseña 12345678 se produce el error al no obtener la ip


1.- Presionar por 20 segundos el SonOff para reiniciar como fabrica

2.- Poner en ip fija al Android

3.- Conectar nuevamente y funciona.

The problem my friends is that if your itead device only partially registers with the servers, YOU CAN NOT

simply delete and try again, which is why so many of you are having problems.

I discovered this the hard way!!!!

I have a itead 4ch switch working fine on my o2 mobile wifi device, as did my plug in adaptor and various other switches/power monitor etc, 6 in all. 

I deleted them from my account 1 by 1 and then added them 1 by 1 to my fixed line router.

All added and work except the 4ch switch.

It will add to any router, but NEVER come on line, except on the original o2 mobile wifi.

This is because it has not correctly cleared off the servers/account.

Unless I am mistaken only  support can delete off the server to put the switch back into never used condition. HOW STUPID IS THAT???? why cant we log in onto the server, view our accounts and delete ? or how about making the setting of the wifi simpler???

I was having the same problem so I logged into my server and found a ESP_153F0C device listed as a device that was connected to my network, but with errors ( I don't remember what the error said). I simply deleted/forgot the device from the server list and the password worked again and I was able to connect. I know very little about networks, so I don't have an explanation, but it seemed to work. Hope this helps someone. Brad
Hi Brad Where is the server? This is something that will help, can You post a link to the login page? Thanks
Hi! LOL Oops, I meant router!! Log onto your router and see if it keeps a list of devices that have connected. If you see an ESP_xxxx device, remove or delete it from the list. Then try connecting/pairing the switch again. Brad
 having a log in onto the account would make things so much easyier 
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