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Cannot pair wifi smart switch

I just bought six Sonoff wifi switches but I can't get them to work. When I try and pair with the Sonoff I get the "incorrect password" message. I am using 12345678. Or it accepts the password and connects to the Sonoff itead wifi for a few seconds and then disconnects.

I have tried with two of the switches and get the same problem. I have looked at the itead guide and FAQs. I have raised a help ticket but am not getting a response. Can anyone help or give me advice?

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Hey Ivan Urrutia. I have not tried to wire my dual switch yet. Do you have a diagram of how to wire the dual Sonoff? Maybe you can post a photo in this thread?

I have no new update for the single Sonoff units. From what I've read in the user reviews on the shop, the Sonoff units are unpredictable and sometimes don't work. I guess it depends on the batch you receive. I purchase 4 units and only 1 of my units work correctly.

I thought the store I purchased my units from was sell bad switches but Viktar Miliuk purchased his switch from a different store and his isn't working either. Maybe you can post a link of where you bought your switch. Links to where we purchased our switches are above in this thread.

I opened a Ticket with the ITEAD team here: I would suggesst everyone who has had this same issue open a ticket with them. iTEAD might do something about the pairing issue if more of us open tickets and report this issue. I've had many replies with a ITEAM support but they have not been able to tell me what I am doing wrong. They asked me to upload a video on my pairing the switch to my phone so uploaded the video to youtube:

The video is very long and boring but I tried pairing the switch many different ways but nothing seems to work. I also tried pairing it on three different iphones (two are shown in the video).


Hey Gal Boaz - Is the Sonoff switch you were able to pair a single or dual switch? Were you able to connect the Sonoff switch's WiFi network to your home WiFi network? In some cases my Sonoff switch doesn't even broadcast it (ITEAD10000******) network name. Sometimes it does but the "12345678" password doesn't work. Please open a ticket with the ITEAD team here:
and if you can, upload a video showing how you are pairing your Sonoff switch on your WiFi network. I'd like to see what you are doing. Maybe you are trying something different than I am. The video might also be helpful the the ITEAM team to troubleshoot your pairing. If you open a help ticket with them they will ask you to make a video of your pairing. If you open a ticket and share the video with them it will save them the time of asking you for it.
Hey Joshua - Read my last post. If you've opened a ticket you might want to make a video and send the link to the ITEAM support people. I am getting replies to my opened ticket but you have to wait a few days to a week for a reply. Once you receive a reply the person who answers is much more responsive. I think they maybe getting a lot of questions about this issue. Also remember, the support people are from China so the reply to emails might be delayed. I am in the US so I usually get a replies late at night and a day later. The support teams English may be limited so that may be the reason for the limited assistance.

I'll adjust your email address Lacko ...

 - ticket support is not for general correspondence.

 - sorry, internal email address deleted from your post.

Dual wiring diagram not posted?  Right on order page

>> unpredictable and sometimes don't work

Users must understand the internet services they use

- of course latency and availability, world usage play a role

No body reads the FAQs, specs, docs, then say unit is bad.
Understanding of wireless signals, antenna is a must.

>asked me to upload a video
Maybe better if you upload a video as asked, and not you tube link.
- Google does not have services in China (right? )

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Also, why was device not purchased from Itead?

Purchasing direct from itead guarantees units are NEW and unregistered before.

Please read FAQs

Thanks for your reply Patrick

I upload a video of my pairing to support and also sent them a direct link to download. They complained the video was too big to download so I uploaded a second smaller video. Thought it would be easier for them to also view video on youtube if my second video was still to large to download.

Excuse me for not seeing the duel wiring diagram on the page. I actually did not purchase the switches directly from the ITEAD website but through who did not provide such a diagram. I actually just asked the question about the dual switch but had not planned on hooking it up yet because I was so preoccupied with making the single switches work first.

I've read the the site's FAQ but didn't find anything useful in helping with the ITEAD-10000****** network password "12345678" not being accepted. I've also paired only one unit successfully so I understand how to pair the switch and that they work.

If you could share a link(s) to these so called "specs, FAQs, docs" that would shed some light on fixing the pairing issue(s) I'm sure everyone on this forum would be grateful. What are the wireless signals / antenna information that is "a must" for us to read? Could you share the location of the documentation?  If I knew how to find it or what to read I would have already. That's the reason I'm posting here because I do not know. The only advice I've received from the support staff who replied to my ticket was to "borrow a friend's Android phone to pair your switch", which I don't believe is sound advice.

Thanks in advance.

Patrick I didn't purchase it directly from you guys because I didn't know about your site. I just ran across them on the Aliexpress site and purchased a few. Already had an account with them. Now that I see you have them I'll purchase more from you guys. And of course you are cheaper and faster to ship... my mistake dude.

To clarify, I am an owner of devices (such as Dual,TH16) I am not Sonoff support.

This public forum is a good start for learning.  Many links are contained within.

The link I gave you already contains specs, datasheets, wiring, wiki, ESP doc links

Plus the Forum.  But blame bad product on bases that someone doesn't know how to pair?

Or make claim product is bad because user puts device in metal enclosure and can't connect.

Please read more of the forum.

Perhaps when you come across people who have developed their own software for these

you might realize it is not a wall switch, but more intricate than that.  Perhaps you might

also investigate inside your sonoff case to see ESP8266 wifi MCU.

So how do you know previous owner didn't change the default password from 12345678

to be something other?  Would it not make sense that that is something that should be

done soon after so neighbour can't operate your sonoff?

Did you register your Sonoff?  or just seeing that Sonoff Wifi broadcasting SSID?

Perhaps you do not have permissions.  Byt I will let you read to discover such.

> borrow a friend's Android phone to pair your switch

Why is this so unsound?  Would this not rule out if issue may even be your phone?
But sorry, I am not a sonoff teacher.  I think users should read.

Plenty of evidence on the board to show sonoff is quite advanced, some make these

dance to their whim - those calling it bad, perhaps lack understandings.  Basics are

basics, beyond scope here - but if basics understood, plenty of details here.

Patrick -  Your not providing any specific detailed solutions or links to help with these devices not accepting the default "12345678" passwords or with the Sonoff network not being seen on a personal network. You just keep saying that the information is available an that you'll let us "discover" it. No kidding, the answers are "out there" but you aren't doing anyone a service by keeping those answers to yourself except to give yourself a sense of superiority. If you're Sonoff systems are working and you don't have any specific details as to the cause of our issues in this thread than why are you even on this forum thread?

And why would you assume that my switches has had a previous owner? That doesn't make any sense if these switches are brand new? And if this little switch has enough broadcasting power that someone else could control it and change the password - how is that even possible? Do you have proof this is even possible or are you just making assumptions? And if it is, don't just reply..."its on the internet go read about it". The purpose of these forums is for the exchange of information. Anyone can say "go look it up". Yeah we all know about Google but not everyone here has as much experience as others and telling someone to "google it" is not constructive and I frankly don't even see your point in responding to my posts if you aren't being helpful.

I also would like to point out to you, if you bother to read the full string of this post that another user had an Android phone with the same pairing issue so this isn't strictly isolated to iOS devices or to this forum.

Again, if you don't have any solutions to the issues of this forum string - WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING TO REPLY?


Dear Patrick, I bought the sonoff directly through the itead web page and i have the exact same problem. Is it possible to get a solution from itead? How is it possible to do it? Regards.

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Hello Everyone,

I recorded the video which demonstrates the issue with pairing of the switch with my Android smartphone and opened the appropriate tech support ticket:

Link to the video:



Ok, all my story with the support ticket has finished with request to send the switch to them. It is not acceptable for me, sorry guys. Now I'm going to get my money back from the Aliexpress shop. I have not closed the order yet, so, the refund procedure should not be complicated for me. 

Viktar Miliuk good for you. I haven't heard anything from my open ticket. I think I'm just getting ignored.


Ok guys, i think i have something: After not abling to pair the device with my phone for many times, i entered the phone into airplane mode and than activated ONLY the wifi and guess what? It works like magic! The app paired the sonoff in few seconds...

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You were able to connect to itead wifi in order to pair or you followed the other method?

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