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Sonoff TH 10A/16A Temperature And Humidity Monitoring WiFi Smart Switch

with RF Receiver?

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Why Sonoff THS not in the widget?

Beware the TH16 if you want to measure past 65'c. It will consistently jump to 85'c on ewelink display when you hit 65'c which is as good as useless. I Have three units behaving the same, all with DS18B20 temp sensors. I have supplied photos to itead support of ewelink app error display against true thermometer read-out, video of same and access to my account to review data. They say "no fault". I say it is promoted as measuring temp to 125'c and always becomes erratic when true temp reaches 65'c. Have been getting fobbed off by support for a month.
 Have asked to be contacted by manager at least four times and haven't had any contact.
Due to this experience I would have to recommend caution purchasing this unit and to have low expectations when dealing with itead support. I will let you know if they finally act in a reputable fashion.


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