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Problems pairing RF remote controller with Sonoff RF


Could someone help me, I have a Sonoff RF it pairs correctly with WiFi and I can use it with the APP.

I cannot put it in pairing mode with RF controller. Tried with 2 clicks on set button, but the red light never turns on as it says on the manual.

Made a little video of my trying to get it to pair

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I too have the same problem... and last name. Did you find a solution? My ticket is still open with no answer from ITEAD.

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I too have the same problem... and last name. Did you find a solution? My ticket is still open with no answer from ITEAD.

They instructed me to open it to verify if the RF receiver was there. Since it was already fixed in place, I didn't take it apart. Since I bought it in ebay I contacted seller and he refunded me the difference between this and the other without RF. My point with the RF was more of a backup method, in case in the future the itead server was discontinued. I'm happy using it with WiFi app. In the case of Itead discontinued the server there are alternatives firmwares to fash the esp8266.
Thanks for the input - I'll bear that in mind.
But I hardly think this problem can be declared as "Answered" - the actual question is still open!
And yes - I just opened my box - and it does does have the RF receiver.
So ITEAD - please get around to answering the question.


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Clicked in the wrong place and it changed the topic to answered. Cannot go back on it now.

Same problem here.

Same problem.

Same problem

I bought 4 units of Sonoff RF and them work fine but is impossible to get the red light to pair controllers. all have the RF board installed inside. I think is a firmware bug or a problem with a specific batch of production.

No solution at moment :(

Check out my post. I had a reply from developers.

I have found the problem with pairing 433Mhz remote. The 4 button remote supplied by the eBay vendor was incorrect. I collected all my 433MHz remotes and tried one at a time. They all look similar, and some were labeled 433MHz. I found one which worked.

1. I pressed button on RF module for >2 sec (need to take cover off, so be careful as it exposes 240VAC). I'm not sure this did anything useful.

2. I then pressed unit's black setting button 3 times quickly and waited. Small red LED came on for a few seconds, then went off. This clears all settings for remotes.

3. I then pressed unit's black setting button 2 times quickly and waited. Small red LED flashed once quickly. I then pressed remote button. The small red LED then flashed a number of times and went off. The relay "clicked" on. Remote was then paired.

Please note: the small red LED is integral to the larger green LED. The large Green LED stays on for the whole pairing process, so you need to look closely for the red LED flashes. I kept the unit cover off to see the red LED better.

Hope this is useful


I haven't got this remote as yet (on order to test it out) but have a few questions :

Surely any 433mhz remote can be paired? Many people already have a 4 button controlling garages/gates and generally have a free button. Are we not able to pair this button?

Can lights be grouped? In other words, a set of 7 Slampher units out the house - and a single button to trigger them all on/off. Maybe grouping all 7 together? Or does grouping only work with the WiFi?


Hi Grant, I thought that any 433MHz remote would be able to be paired, but I tried a a number and had success with one (but not those supplied). I suspect there are different communication protocols, but have not researched this yet. (I'll keep this blog posted if I come up with anything). The one that worked had four buttons, and I could pair with any of the four. As a result I have both Sonoff RF devices paired with the same remote and use two of the four buttons.

I haven't tried it but I can't see why one button should not be able to control multiple Sonoff (and other) paired units. One is a transmitter (the remote) and the other a receiver (the Sonoff). I'll give it a try a and post with results.

Ah - that's quite unsettling. 

I've got interest in a few Slampher / remote control units for security (specially those that don't want to make use of an app or Smartphone). 

Guessing the latest firmware as well?

Yes, as far as I know it's the latest firmware. I'm pretty sure I checked when I was doing the pairing. 

I'm using both "Sonoff RF" devices to control outside lights (BBQ and Porch). Remote from house and web app from outside (from car). Both are now mounted - one inside a wall cavity behind indoor switch and the other in a junction box on an outside wall. Both working ok, although remote range could be a little better.

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