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The perfect device: mix of Sonoff Pow & S20 smart Plug


The perfect mix would be to create a smart plug as the S20 but having the energy measurement HW as in the Sonoff Pow

More detailed requirements:

- True EU CEE 7/7 plug (see that can fit in both German (type F) and French sockets (type E). Such plug is now the most commonly used.

- Having a CEE 7/3 socket has for current S20 smart plug is fine

- 16A rated

- Energy measurement as in the Sonoff Pow

- Ability to flash new firmware (ie FTDI breakout pins present)

- Ability to load ESP Easy project (ie contribute to deliver the driver for the HLW8012 chip to the open source project)

With this, ITLEAD would have the best in class smart power plug beating all product actually available.

Sonoff Pow, is great but required quite hacking to fit into a good enclosure and support for ESP Easy project is a great MUST to integrate in many open source Home automation systems

best regards


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nobody dreaming to get power measurement + EU-FR socket ?


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There is an open source driver/library for the HLW8012. You can find info about it here: and the code here:

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Include a temperature, humidity and motion sensor while your there. Then you can have of these for every room.

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