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Using SONOFF TH as a temperature/humidity alarm.

A feature that I really would like to have implemented is a way to let the temp and/or humidity values in the App also trigger an alarm in the phone.

Lets say you want to monitor temperature remote then it would be great to have the phone tell you if the TH is reading a too high or low value or at least trigger an alarm in the phone when it switches the rely.

Currently I'm testing to monitor the temp in the radiator water in the house to see if I can use this to see if the pellets burner stops.

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Great idea

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If you use a sonoff th and a standard sonof and a buzzer/light bulb you can do something similar but would be limited by where the other standard sonoff device, just an ideas as a work around until it can be added as a feature

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I programed the TH with ESPEasy and linked it to Domoticz instead, this way I can monitor temp and set any alarms I need and control the Sonoff with Http-commands with WiFi.

Marcus, is there a tutorial anywhere ? I am waiting for my ftdi cable to arrive. Is there a way to get sonoff firmware if I don't like it

Lock here for ESPEasy software:

And ex. here for flashing or just search "ESPEasy Sonoff" on Google :

Never seen the Sonoff software so I don't think it's out there so if you reprog the Sonoff you can't go back. Unless ITEAD releases the software but with the price on the Sonoff you can just chuck it in the bin and buy a new unflashed on.

What are you using as a bridge to your phone ? Imperihome, Dominic,pilot, HomeKit/home bridge?
Running Domoticz on a pc and on an Android phone. Using Pushover to send alarms to the phone.

Hi Marcus,

I understand from the messages above that you have a way of receiving high and / or low temperature alarms from a SONOF TH-10/16 via android, using something called Domoticz.

Would really appreciate if you could give me a little more guidance on what to do. I am reasonably up to speed with electronic / wifi systems, but have no experience of Domoticz.

Best wishes

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