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Local, LAN control

Last week I lost control over my house, for 12 hours, because something went wrong with iTead systems.

Sonoff devices device works flawlessly per se, and I'm very happy to have 13 of them around my house.


I'm beginning to think there's a glitch in their marketing model. I haven't thought for a moment that they want to spy on us, like some else implied in this forum, but every serious usage require redundancy and backup.

We cannot rely on the whole "cloud" model to be always working: too many things can go wrong on the user side, on itead side and, eventually, on the side of the many third party service providers involved (ISPs and Cloud providers above all).

Every digital and/or networking system might stop working every now and then. While we can surely afford not to remotely switch on a light, what about water heating, house heating, door opening, surveillance systems?

I did my best to build redundancy in my installations, but there are two factors that are not easily overcame.

First, some sonoff device might be (and in my case are) difficult to be physically reached: inside walls or up near the ceiling, the onboard switch is almost useless in these cases.

Second, Dual sonoff aren't capable of manually switching the connected devices on/off: if the system isn't working (i.e. they are offline), the only possible solution is to uninstall them, which is not acceptable at all.

iTead (and coolkit) seem to be trying to sell their solution to third parties (other manufacturers who are supposed to relay onto their whole solution, cloud included) which is cool. If I had to, I would guess that's why they are so "cloud-centered": to offer a easy and rapid solution, all included. It's cool. 

But other than toyish usages, without redundancy their solution is unimplementable: I hope they realize this soon (if they haven't already).

The solution that comes to mind is very simple, and a few have already suggested it here: a dual control system. The cloud is great for remote control, but when the app is on the same local network the sonoff devices are, everything should switch to local. Simply put: automatic switching to LAN control.

If I'm home, I should be able to control my devices even if my Internet connection is down.

If they could do this with an open protocol, that would be top. But after all, not everyone of us wants to build his/her own system: I'm cool with their app, they can keep their protocol reserved as much as they want. To me, the only thing that matters is that I don't ever lose control over my house again.

Other than the above, thank you iTead, I'm very happy with your products!

What do you think?

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Great idea. I think is a must for backup or emergency use... We need this "bypass" cloud by lan.

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Yes, please add local control without cloud. You can sell us an extra device to add this feature to our LAN.

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I finally gave up: I flashed all my sonoffs with ESPurna and installed Home assistant on an old machine. It took some time to make it all work, but now I'm very happy and everything works as I want it to.

These little devices are surprisingly efficient and flexible, once they're freed from their original app.

For example, they all have at least one additional GPIO that I managed to connect to various sensors: door and windows sensors, light, PIR and so on. So, basically now many of my sonoffs control a couple of things, not just one.

Totally worth the effort it took.

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Sole cloud based solutions may work for some but the majority will move away from iTead (and coolkit) once their systems are not accessible.

I had thought by now we would have see some movement here. It is a shame I'll have to look else where.

I'm afraid I won't be purchasing anymore from iTead until they rethink the cloud only connection idea.

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Be patient guys i have a good news for you New firmware and new app will be release by itead company before end of December With biggest updates: more stability and finally: LOCAL CONTROL (LAN) mode selectable! Do you believe it! Yes I promise you!

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I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind not having this option Users have been waiting over a year for this.

Even if the option to use the local control was only available when the internet was down would be favorable over not having control at all.

I liked the Sonoff app but I got tired of waiting just like many and flashed my modules.

Being able to control while at home is more important then being able to control while one is away.

When will they realize that?

And I didn't lose that option I just lost the nice app to have the control.

Oh and I have Alexa control before the official skill is available.

Flashing isn't difficult a simple device less then the cost of a Sonoff module is all you need.

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It's a pitty that Itead is not answering to this problem.

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This should be a wake-up call for ITEAD to provide us with local control...

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Yes it should, but that doesn't work. Seeemed that they are not interested in. :-( This threat is more then year old and it's in the "Feature request" area. - So there are only two or three possibilities...

1. General they are not interesed in feature requests from customers.
2. They are not able to realise the local lan control and they are cowardly to recognise that here in the forum.
3.  They just want make money and problems of the customers are uninteresting. 

Best regards


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ITead need to update their Sonoff firmware to enable local "MQTT" configurable via eWeLink. So it could read/write states to a local in house easy to setup MQTT broker server like Mosquito. This would enable better integration with home automation systems like OpenHab. Best of both worlds. The community has done the hard work in coding Tasmota firmware for Sonoff, so just integrate that. MQTT opens up a lot of options!

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Seems iTead is only interested in you using Cloud control.

The fact they are working on an Alexa skill is proof. Instead of just telling us how to access the device via our own network and let end users create the skill is throwing money away in my opinion.

But then they can write off the cost of creating and hosting the skill.

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In the last five days it has been offline most time, damn junk


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Yes this is shit

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Now parts of devices(one channel device and touch) can be control via LAN,it need to update your firmware to latest version.

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Hi ITEad, At least for the money I spent on sonoff devices let us do a firmware update by OTA and we leave your server. Or refund de money. Thanks in advance

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