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Local, LAN control

Last week I lost control over my house, for 12 hours, because something went wrong with iTead systems.

Sonoff devices device works flawlessly per se, and I'm very happy to have 13 of them around my house.


I'm beginning to think there's a glitch in their marketing model. I haven't thought for a moment that they want to spy on us, like some else implied in this forum, but every serious usage require redundancy and backup.

We cannot rely on the whole "cloud" model to be always working: too many things can go wrong on the user side, on itead side and, eventually, on the side of the many third party service providers involved (ISPs and Cloud providers above all).

Every digital and/or networking system might stop working every now and then. While we can surely afford not to remotely switch on a light, what about water heating, house heating, door opening, surveillance systems?

I did my best to build redundancy in my installations, but there are two factors that are not easily overcame.

First, some sonoff device might be (and in my case are) difficult to be physically reached: inside walls or up near the ceiling, the onboard switch is almost useless in these cases.

Second, Dual sonoff aren't capable of manually switching the connected devices on/off: if the system isn't working (i.e. they are offline), the only possible solution is to uninstall them, which is not acceptable at all.

iTead (and coolkit) seem to be trying to sell their solution to third parties (other manufacturers who are supposed to relay onto their whole solution, cloud included) which is cool. If I had to, I would guess that's why they are so "cloud-centered": to offer a easy and rapid solution, all included. It's cool. 

But other than toyish usages, without redundancy their solution is unimplementable: I hope they realize this soon (if they haven't already).

The solution that comes to mind is very simple, and a few have already suggested it here: a dual control system. The cloud is great for remote control, but when the app is on the same local network the sonoff devices are, everything should switch to local. Simply put: automatic switching to LAN control.

If I'm home, I should be able to control my devices even if my Internet connection is down.

If they could do this with an open protocol, that would be top. But after all, not everyone of us wants to build his/her own system: I'm cool with their app, they can keep their protocol reserved as much as they want. To me, the only thing that matters is that I don't ever lose control over my house again.

Other than the above, thank you iTead, I'm very happy with your products!

What do you think?

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From memory they posted that after they broke IFTTT in early January. I had hoped they had released it already. It’s unfortunately on an android phone, so I can’t test it. I only have a really old one ewelink doesn’t work on. I can do other things over LAN using my iPhone, so I don’t think it is tech thing. That includes talking to Atmega328 chips which aren’t capable of significantly better security protocols than the Sonoff.

Thank you for taking the initiative!

Is there any news on the release of local lan control?
This is great news ! So, they are at least working on local control. Thanks for reporting it here.


We hope it's great news, because they've been working on it for a long time :-( ...too much time ... 

There was this video on the FB pages of Itead and Ewelink, but it seems to me that they removed it. 

The video is from January. And today our world is not yet a real Smart Home world with Sonoff, if we are dependent from their servers and with offline servers often. :-/

Don, one may not need much technical knowledge to install Hass on a raspberry pi, it is still more than the majority are happy with to say nothing of the considerable knowledge one needs to flash Tasmoto which is needed for the raspberry pi to have any use.


@Tuicemen Good news! Did you test it? Does it work good over lan same cloud control?

+1 for MQTT and local control

We will be closed during Chinese New Year holiday from Jan 11th to Feb 22th.

Joke of a business ! these units could be sao good, but their infrastructure is shit ! simply not worth the hassle. This is explanation of Itead for disruption AWS SERVER
Fy fan vilket jävla skit


@ mohammad

though I haven't got a clear explanation from itead it looks like the app switches automatically.

Occasionally I'll get a "controlled by Lan " message in red when attempting to switch my Sonoff  and the status of the device does change.

However if I disconnect my internet I never see this message nor does my device change status.

To me this indicates the switching to local control isn't reliable as Valentin Tomov reported earlier

@ mohammad hossein norouzi

I did test this even though I was told my device didn't support this.

I have seen the Lan Control message in the app when the sonoff was on the fringe of my routers Wi-Fi range.

However if I disconnect from the internet I don't see this message nor does my device switch.

So for me and my current device it doesn't work.

This is indeed an issue especially with losing internet that is why i prefer wiring all devices to a manual switch
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