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SONOFF device always offline

I've ordered 3 SONOFF and tried to associate them with my eWeLink account.

One of them always appears offline and I don't know what to do to solve that.

It's necessarly a problem with this device (or my account) as the other ones work well.

This device is well detected on my local network, but the LED keep blinking twice and repeat.

Maybe it's linked to the firmware upgrade that failed before.

32 people have this problem

The recent firmware update fixed a bit stability (Sonoff switches 1,2 and 3 gang RF)


Cosa fare quando eWeLink non funziona ? Come diagnosticare e risolvere gli errori Sonoff rete non disponibile o Sonoff non in linea ? Come utilizzare comunque Sonoff senza internet ? Scopri come fare la diagnosi ed utilizzare la modalità LAN.

Sonoff rete non disponibile | Sonoff non in linea: diagnosi e modalità LAN

I have solved the problem!! My wifi password had special characters and removing now it's full work!!!!!

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