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SONOFF device always offline

I've ordered 3 SONOFF and tried to associate them with my eWeLink account.

One of them always appears offline and I don't know what to do to solve that.

It's necessarly a problem with this device (or my account) as the other ones work well.

This device is well detected on my local network, but the LED keep blinking twice and repeat.

Maybe it's linked to the firmware upgrade that failed before.

33 people have this problem

Also had a problem today trying to get a Sonoff POW and TH16 to work - both register with the APP but won't go online.   LED blinks twice - is there a problem with the server?    Strangely I managed to get a Sonoff DIY to register and work fine.

Would be useful if the server status could be displayed somewhere.


Trying to connect a POW and TH16 just now and although able to connect them to he ewelink app they won't go online.   Led flashes twice - then repeats, suggests it is not connecting to the server.   I strangely did manage to connect a Sonoff DIY device at the same time without any problem.

Is the server down - is the server status reported anywhere.


1.Try to make your cellphone as a hotspot(wifi source) to connect device.

2. Please feedback this issue on ewelink "feedback".

3. Try to ping our EU), US).

4.I will answer you in fourm,have better make a ticket on our website:

Goods news too... ITED set me mail:We have do some change on our server,can the device be online? please try. -------- Yes I check it and confirmed that my SonofTH16 is ONLINE and working perfectly!!!!

i have the same error, can anyone explain to me how can i do? i have 5 sonoff and anyone is working, app show network error, i don't understand solution explain by ivan, please help me

Hi, I'm From Brazil, I have 2 SONOFF, some times one work, another break, I need reset, then comeback work. Some times, after 30 minutes trying connect, this work. I'm a Computer Program, I'm a Electrical Technician, I have knowledge to set up this. Them why this not work?

Whether it works or not depends a lot on your internet connectivity and the eWeLink server in the region. Unfortunately these devices do not retain multiple wifi information like our phones nor can we see the ones they are linked to. Recently I purchased 3 Sonoff POW 2 devices to just monitor voltage levels on the 3 phase supply.  Unfortunately in these devices there is is no option of "power on state" selection even after latest firmware update to 2.6.0.  It can store only 8 scheduled switching states. We do have infrequent power outage. So I have had to set  them all to switch on every 3 hours. This will ensure the power equipment having power loss of no more than 3 hours after it is restored.

Dear sir,
  I have purchased your device as per above PO, i have uninstalled app and  device also, all are not workins its showing always showing offline kindly let me know. what it the problems.


I had the same problem but i just FORCE STOPPED my cell phone eWeLink app and then ran it again and everything is working properly

Hello; I do habe the issue with 2 out of 6 Sonoff Touch Devices. does Sonoff not show to provide some assistance on this issue as it seems a widespread issue? Thank you

I have solved the problem!! My wifi password had special characters and removing now it's full work!!!!!

I think the problem is with dependability of Sonoff’s servers. I am planning to flash my devices to work directly with SmartThings hubs as this seems to be the only viable solution. The hardware is fine, problem is the back end.
Ivans solution works.THX IVAN!@inach i have a fritzbox 7390 the sample of ivan is in the fritzbox nearly the same...Internet....Freigaben...Portfreigaben....Gerät für Freigabe hinzufügen...übernehmen ...done,thats all


Agree. It is very unfortunate that Sonoff could apparently not establish a reliable and trustworth backend for faster growing amount of European and international clients. E.g. my router AVM fritz box does not allow to substitute domain names with different ip addresses to make the backend work, like very well explained: Substitude IP address of to Is there a good description how to flash the Sonoff devices to work directly with SmartThings hub?

thanks, i don't know what happened but now it works

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