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(Smart) Scene and THs


When setting up a scene, I can't control TH devices: If i select a TH device, the windows is empty (no options) and when back the scene list it just says "keep": is that on purpose or is it a bug?

Also, when programming a smart scene, why can't I control a TH device?


Gianluca Barbaro

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hi, i have the same issue. My TH16 is not available in executive device list, only visible as trigger device.

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Yeah, I'm also pretty unhappy about this. I bought 2 of these and spent a lot of time modifying one to serve a special purpose and now I can't use it.

Only my sonoff switches show in scene . There is no smart scene my app iPhone 2.2.3 is not showing smart scene sonoff Th firmware 2.0.1 Sonoff switches all on 1.5.2
I have 5xTH16. 1 with a sensor attached shows up in scene’s. the others don’t. Obviously a bug. Please give feed back or resolve bug.
It’s advertised as being able to be used with scenes
NO. It is advertised with ALL abilities of your smart scenes. There was no lines like "only one option of smart scenes is available" as it is. It can not be used in smart scenes. If it can - tell me how to set up any action on it's turning on? If you can't - it can't be used in smart scenes.


What a fraud!
Ive bought two of these. With no sensors. And they don't work in any scenarios! WTF?


This is a very old request to itead and they don’t care.

Hi any solution for this bug¿¿¿

That doesn't make any sense. It has a relay that could be controlled by another Sonoff. The fact that it also has a sensor shouldn't make a difference.
I want to read temperature in two locations, but have the temperature in the one location control equipment in the other locations. Hence I bought two THs hoping to use one to control the relay in the other.


I received tech support answer:

TH can't be executed device.Just which haven't sensor can be executed device. 

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