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Can't Pair Sonoff TH16's

Apologies -- posted this in the wrong forum to begin with. Admins, please go ahead and delete the other one.

I just received two Sonoff TH16s, and can't pair either of them. I put them into pairing mode (power them up, long press on the button until the three flashes) but I can't see a WiFi network from either of them to connect my Android phone to.

I've searched for the networks on multiple Android devices (and a laptop), and I've installed a WiFi analyser app to see if it shows up on the spectrum somewhere. But neither appear on there, either.

I'd put it down as a faulty unit, but given that both TH16s are doing the same thing, it makes me wonder if I'm missing something.

I also have two Sonoff Wifi Smart Switches, and paired both of those just fine, and they're working nicely in the app.

Any advice? Thanks!

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I had the same problem but solved it.

You must long press the pairing button just after you plug the mains. It can not be too fast nor too late. When you press too fast the blue LED doesn't blink at all. When you press too late the LED blinks like option two in the EWeLink mobile application (I used iPhone) and Sonoff is not transmitting any Wi-Fi. You must press a few seconds after plugging the mains and then Sonoff will blink like on first picture (in the application) and W-Fi with SSID ITEADxxxxxxx is present. Then you continue with the setup. At this stage I had problem with default password for Sonoff W-Fi (that is 12345678). It was not accepted. I restarted Sonooff and second time the password worked.


This device is great. I was having trouble pairing. When both sides are connected, the device does not want to pairing. When I disconnect the wires at the output side, the device was immediately paired with the application and then I connect the wires to the output side. Now everything works great.

Hey ITEAD, I love your devices and have practically all of your sonoff series, the POW, TH10, 4 CH, and now the TH16. I have 2 new TH16's but neither of them can pair to my networks.

They are both new, I'm very familiar with ewelink and am using at least 25 other Sonoff devices including your IR 433 bridge all very sucessfully.

So I'm familiar with the pairing procedures and both TH16's 8 Temperature ( 1 waterproof, 1 indoor ) can be found for pairing, but after they are registered the blue light just keeps blinking instead of staying on which is what happens when the pairing is successful.

In the ewelink app they are registered but as "offline". 

I have tried your suggestion above ( press the connection button straight after the power is connected ), but this does not seem to make a difference. My ewelink finds the 2 devices and registers them but then they don't appear to be able to connection themselves to my wifi as all my other sonoff devices do.

I have tried connecting directly to me routers wifi ( Fritzbox ) and over a repeater but neither works.

Any suggestion are very welcome and I'd love to get the temperature sensors going in my environment.

I already have the IR Bridge working with a motion sensor ( PIR ) and that works very well turning on my

kitchen lights !




I have looked at a diagnostic help

and my light blinks 2 times quickly then repeats. According to the information this means my

TH16 does connect to my local wifi but cannot connection to the ITLEAD server so this would

seem to be a Server side problem they need to fix.

Something has changed causing this problem only with the TH16 but no other sonoff devices

I have since added other sonoff devices and they work fine. So its an issue only with the TH16

Hi David - like you have a broad range of Sonoff products.   I have the same problem as you trying to commission both a POW and TH16.   Have managed to set up a DIY without problem.    

My older POW and TH16 units all still work fine.    

Awaiting solution from Itead - disappointing no reply from Itead to the many users reporting this issue.

Have had a response from Itead on

Have also reported via feedback on the ewelink as they have advised.



Substitude IP address of to


Right now for some reason current IP doesn't accept connection to 8081 port, but the old one - does. You can check it by:


telnet 8081


telnet 8081


Here is an example how to make a substitution in Mikrotik router:

Open Winbox

Get to "IP > DNS" menu

Click on "Static"

Click on "+" (add static DNS entry)


Regexp: <leave empty>


TTL: <leave by default [1d 00:00:00]>

Click on "OK"

Close the DNS Static subwindow

Click on "Apply"

Profit! Now your POW is online!

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