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Wifi presence sensor PIR (ESP8266)

Would be great a low cost Wifi PIR sensor based on (ESP8266) - Reprogrammable.

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SONOFF, Sonoff Touch, Sonoff PLUG and Sonoff PIR.

It would be a complete solution.

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This could be a modular design with a molex (or phoenix) connector that would allow you to choose the sensor (purchased separately). The app could then handle sending the appropriate firmware to the box based on what sensor you tell it you plugged in.

for example

binary values:


reed switch

moisture sensor




weight sensor

light sensor

temp / humid (you've done these already but this would not include a switch)

Hall (ring sensor) to put around cables to monitor entire ring mains or the whole house consumption

this would allow us to set up IFTTT recipes similar to the TH sensors you've already implemented. I know we can do this with the SV Development board but a finished 'sensor pod' would be more elegant, and in-app support would be essential

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+1 for PIR sensor. I think is a must for home automation, and also easy to implement it.

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I think that you must have more Trigger Devices, to be able to create smart scenes. A PIR sonoff is very important for todays smart home. A PIR sonoff that triggers other sonoff devices and turn them on or off, that is the big deal.

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+1 for Wifi PIR (ESP8266 based). It would be more reliable than 433 in the mean of communication. Any news in this matter?

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Hi. I just got here looking for a WiFi PIR for my house. I bought one just to discover it works only with SmartLife. Aren’t there any WiFi PIR To use with EWeLink? Regards
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