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In-line cord switch for lamps - An idea for new Sonoff device

I have a completely new product idea in the Sonoff series; and that idea is for a new Sonoff that is a “cable lamp switch” (also known as a “line cord switch” or “in-line cord switch” for lamps). 

The idea is to sell a Sonoff inline cord lamp switch that customers could simply replace all their original cable light switches on your lamps to make any lamp you have in the house into a smart lamp.

Please see think link for instructions on how you normally install a such inline cord lamp switch to get a better idea what I mean:

Itead would probabaly have to make two or three color models (at least one white and one black, and maybe one brown too), and the actual “cable lamp switch” casing would have to be relatively small with a switch that works both ways to turn off and on the lamp as you never know which state it is in when you control it remote with WiFi. 

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The original sonoff is essentially this and this is this just a request for prettier casing! But I do agree!

I think the device is pretty condensed already so I doubt that we will see it shrink to the size of a rocker switch. ITEAD have to keep the 220v away from the low voltage circuit and allow cooling for the transformer.

I think a pretty case version (which will still have to be 9cm x 4cm) with a nice button is a good idea though as currently to include lamps in the automatic lighting design means an installation box with a pinhole button on show in the lounge, which the wife won't like :)

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