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Home network IP address?

Hi, I've just received my first Sonoff and successfully got it working, a question though - if I do a network scan should I be able to see it and if so how do I confirm it's IP address? Can I ping" it ? Thanks Peter

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Hello, my router is blocking access to ewelink over wifi, but I get access through 4G. What IP ewelink should I open on the router port?

Thanks, Argemiro

Olá, meu roteador está bloqueando o acesso ao ewelink através de wifi, mas eu tenho acesso através de 4G. Qual IP ewelink devo abrir na porta do roteador?

Obrigado Argemiro

Bump! Please display the MAC address in the app.

 Why can't the MAC address simply be displayed in the APP?
That should be a must.!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the prompt reply, is it possible to 'interrogate' the internal IP address to ascertain it's MAC address please ?

Or is it simply by elimination if I have say 5 individual wifi units connected to my home network.

Thanks - Peter

 Yes you can ping it, with a network scan you see it. you can set a special ip adress with a static mapping with the mac adress in your dhcp server.

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