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Sonoff in a wall switch


It would be great if you could change the form factor of the Sonoff, so it would fit inside a European wall switch.

Something like this:


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I am from US, would agree with Jeremy, if we can have single pole AC smart wall switch that fit US & EU standard switch, that would be awesome. I love to replace all my AC wall switchs with ITead smart switch if available.  

similar to :

Is this ESP8266 based?

Can it be reprogrammed with custom firmware?


Same queston. Is it ESP based?

I am from INDIA, would like to suggest belkin and TPlink switches types if you offer that will be great. is it possible with sonoff solution......

I think these are great ideas.  If you could 

1) Fit into a single and double gang box.  

2) Change the the relay/pcb tracks to support a 15A load since that is a fairly common branch circuit capacity in the US.  Having a 10A smart switch buried in a 15A circuit would not be a good idea and especially not code compliant

3) Make a SPDT version so that I could wire it with the existing wall switch to give smart (Sonoff) and dumb control (wall switch).

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Something that could fit inside the wall and behind normal wall switches and connect to them for control would be great! 

Like this:

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There is already an existing switch in sonoff module for manual switching. U can solder that switch with 2 wires and use a manual pulse switch( the one we use in door bells). See the picture.
(659 KB)

Deepesh, the problem is that the current sonoff won't fit inside a normal wall switch box (at least in many European countries).

Solution to that is u take off the switch, dig a hole deep enough so that it can fit the sonoff switch.
Hi. I'm new to the sonoff products having recently purchased three. Is there a dimmer available - for led down light? I would like a day/night sensor too. Are there any other products/manufacturers compatible with the app? Thanks!
Here is a DIY solution that fits in the electrical box, it is ESP based and has manual control as well.


I have created a 3D Print design for a Decora Switch Body that accepts a Sonoff Basic.

If you find it useful shoot me a like.

The SonDek, a Sonoff Powered Decora Light Switch by TekMason - Thingiverse

Great idea.  I wish someone would manufacture those for the mass market!

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