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4 Channel WiFi Wireless Switch Firmware Replace

I am interested in this

Itead has confirmed that it is based on Esp8266

can I replace the firmware like Sonoff device?


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you can show this Topic:

i'm able to Control 2 of the 4 Relais. 


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Hi Marcel,

Can you share how you connected FTDI to the 4Ch Wifi Board?

I can see there is a 4pin header position and have identified which is 3.3 and GND, but i cannot get a serial connection from it..unless its not sending anything.

So pls share how you connected and how you flashed custom firmware..

Many thanks



You will have to open the case. There is a 5 pin header with VCC33 (3V3), TX, RX and GND. First button is properly labelled FW/IO0 so all you have to do is to connect TX, RX and GND to your USB2UART programmer, press the button and connect the VCC33 pin to power the board and enter flash mode. One very important thing: the TX and RX pins are crossed. You have to connect TX to your programmer TX and RX to RX. Remember to connect it to 3V3.

Hope it helps

Credit goes to xoseperez

Any news about the 4ch ?

I've the 4ch R2 V1.0   not the pro. I'm unable to enter in flach mode.

I've no serial connection


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