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Sonoff TH timer switch to automatic


i have now a sonoff th in test. But I think it is not perfect. Because many poeple I think want to switch his heating with Timer. So i think is good to have to switch with Timer on off "and to automatic mode" so they can switch in the night the heating off and at day to the last temperature in setup to automatic. The second thing is only the switch can react to degrees not lower . the sensor is more exactly and a hysterese with one degree is too high, i think to switch in x.1 degree steps is more better. I want to use this switch in every room to control the valve off the conventional water heating.

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I have Sonoff TH 10 to control bathroom fan. I use it in automatic mode with humidity sensor. It works great, but I would like to use timer also , to turn the fan on at selected time. Both don't works. Or timer or sensor monitoring. Will be usefull to be able to control the fan automatic with sensor and also have timer active. The same idea with heating. I would like to have temperature activating heater active only in one period of time.

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timer works.

it goes from automatic mode to manual mode once the timer want to close the switch.

additionally it would be great if we could use a schedule for automatic mode (different time for different temperature or humidity condition)

example in attchment

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I think this feature is absolutely needed in this product. Many people want to use the timer and the sensor in a combined way. I want to use this equipment to control the temperature of the water in the deposit of a solar equipment for heat water. I only want to activate the automatic mode in specific hours to let the sun make its job heating the water all the day and only after the sunset, check if the temperature of the water is the needed or not and activate the resistor to heat the water.

I think is not to difficult to enhance the timer section to add this possibility to the actual on/off options.

If this is not possible. ¿Is there any way to access the source of the firmware of this product to make the change by ourself?

Thanks in advance.

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Agree with comment above !

This would be a key improvement for the sonoff TH device 

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agree with all comments...

is the only thing that makes sense for using the equipment...

hoping it will be very soon

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Me uno a esta solicitud, para mí y para muchos otros usuarios sería muy importante poder controlar diferentes rangos de temperatura en diferentes períodos de tiempo, por ejemplo para el día entre 22 y 24 grados y en la noche entre 18 y 20 grados. Es sólo un ejemplo.

Wow 1 year and this essential feature still hasn’t been added. I have my TH16 connected to a radiator. I want to be able to run in ‘manual’ or schedule my radiator to to turn on/off while simultaneously responding to temperature. Please get this working!

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Agree with comment above !

This would be a key improvement for the sonoff TH device 

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At las I get what I want and more changing the firmware for Tasmota one. Much better options and programation because Itead don't want to enhance this product. I recommmend to all change the firmware for Tasmota one. This messages are ignored by Itead support.


I was testing and it seems to work with temperature range and timer at the same time (automatic mode and timer function)  once the timer switch it off from automatic mode. If you put the divice on automatic mode and set a timer to turn it off, the next time a timer turn it on  will return to automatic mode so work with temperature conditions and timer conditios.  

I suggest these equipment work on heating and timer as you have set, the timer will automatically stop at finish time. Mcafee is providing McafeeLiveSave  tool to protect heating. 

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