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Sonoff firmware upgrade 1.2.0 to 1.5.0


Our 5 Sonoff switches are all connected and online to our router but the firmeware upgrade allways fails - what can be done?


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I have 1.2.4 firmware and can't upgrade to 1.5.0. 

I have firmware 1.2.0, and when I try to upgrade to 1.5.0 (which ewelink suggest I should do) the app goes into a never ending loop, that (!) never ends. I have to kill the app to go on.

Screenshot from the loop page is attached.

Please advice, thank you.


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Our attempt to firmware upgrade all - stops after 12 minutes with the comment "upgrade failure" - but in one single case the Sonoff actually succeded in just 30 seconds. I can not explain why the mainpart of the Sonoffs fails in the upgrade process. The manufactor maybe can step in with advise?


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Heh? I should post here more often. A few minutes after I complained here the upgrade happened suddenly. After several 'dead loops' attempts this morning though. Maybe interesting to mention is that my Sonoff went offline this morning. I had to cut the power and connect it again to get it online again. Maybe something you should do before upgrading: disconnect the power and connect again.

I ordered two more Sonoffs this week. As soon as I get them I will check the firmware, and eventually try an upgrade if needed. Then I will report back here my findings.

In the mean time: good luck! (and keep trying) ;)


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I am having the same problem, I can not update the firmware.

Do you also try to upgrade from 1.2.0 to 1.5.0? And you get  blocked at the spinning wheel?


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Just keep trying. I get also spinning wheel hanhup on my new sonoffs, but canceling the update and launching again does make it happen in the end. In the mean time, firmware upgrade has gone to 1.5.2. All my sonoffs upgraded in the end.


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Short questions about updating:
Have my Phone must be in the same wifi-network as the sonoff to update? Or is it possible to start updating from phone e.g. from GSM-network?
I'm trying since two weeks to update my both sonoffs but it always abort immediately after starting.

Sorry my english is very poor.

I connect 1 unit per update.  

Delete a unit in EWelink program. 

Push button about 5 second to reset.

And add unit in EWeLink again. 

Click upgrade. if not work.

 Trun off EWelink program again.

Trun off you router and Sonoff unit.       

Trun on router.  Trun on Sonoff unit.And go to EWelink to upgrade again.

Thanks for your reply.
I will try this procedure next weekend and reply my experience.
I have seven Sonoff units now. None off them upgraded 'out of the box'. I had to unplug them from power and connect them again (some several times) and in the end they all upgraded. I have many independently working lights in my shop, and they all are now controlled by wifi. Wonderful!


I tried to register and delete few times, it will accept to update, but, it will not update it. This is for the S20 device.

Hi, where can i find the orginal firmware to flash manualy? Thanks!
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