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Sonoff smart light switch

With sonoff

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Hello, How did you do that? Regards Peter

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Hi, just like to add to this you do not always need to go through the hub, certain devices can talk direct to mini key fob 4way or the wall mount fan 8way, these can talk direct to switches containing 433mhz radio, ie touch switches, or any switches showing the RF in the type.

Thanks for you help community people. Keep up the good work!

My Boy Apk

I have the same question...

I also have the same question, thanks to community people, they always solved my problems.



I just posted a video on YouTube explaining how to connect the Sonoff TH10 to a manual light switch. You can check it out here.

I like to explain How to turn on/off A scene with A switch 433mhz and Sonoff RF. Buy A Sonoff RF and A double/triple switch 433mhz Go to RF brige + Alarm connect one of the buttons to the alarm Afther you connected the 2/3 buttons, Go to the scene menu, make Add a new scene Scene Name make your name. When iT meets + trigger device, RF Brige and choose one of your Made buttons Execute + choose the devices you want to turn on/off and save If you have questions ask in replay in the forum.
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