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Sonoff smart light switch

With sonoff

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Hello, How did you do that? Regards Peter

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I have the same question...


I just posted a video on YouTube explaining how to connect the Sonoff TH10 to a manual light switch. You can check it out here.

I like to explain How to turn on/off A scene with A switch 433mhz and Sonoff RF. Buy A Sonoff RF and A double/triple switch 433mhz Go to RF brige + Alarm connect one of the buttons to the alarm Afther you connected the 2/3 buttons, Go to the scene menu, make Add a new scene Scene Name make your name. When iT meets + trigger device, RF Brige and choose one of your Made buttons Execute + choose the devices you want to turn on/off and save If you have questions ask in replay in the forum.
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